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  • Your Top 10 movie list.

    Here is mine...

    1. The Crow
    2. TombStone
    2. Braveheart
    3. Gladiator
    4. Black Hawk Down
    5. The Gangs of New York
    6. Saving Private Ryan
    7. Full Metal Jacket
    8. Die Hard
    9. The Unforgiven
    10. American History X
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    1) Serenity (One of the best sci-fi movies of all time IMHO)
    2) Return of the Jedi (A classic)
    3) 40 year old Virgin (Made me laugh so hard)
    4) Empire Strikes Back (Another classic, gotta love the Hoth snowspeeder scenes)
    5) The Incredibles (Great CG animation)
    6) The Matrix (First time I saw it, blew me away, introduced "bullet time")
    7) Blade 2 (Mindless action, but so damn cool)
    8) Hero (Beautiful choreography and colors, better than Crouching Tiger)
    9) Hard-Boiled (Classic Hong Kong blood opera)
    10) Waiting (Made me laugh, Ryan Reynolds is money)


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      In no particular order...

      1. T2
      2. Empire Strikes Back
      3. Ghost
      4. Back To The Future
      5. BraveHeart
      6. The Matrix
      7. Titanic
      8. Serenity
      9. Batman(1989)
      10.The Shawshank Redemption


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        WOW! I can't believe none of u have scarface in there....instant classic....


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          Originally posted by denverownraider
          WOW! I can't believe none of u have scarface in there....instant classic....
          It's on mine............

          1. Trilogy of Terror (1974)--I was very young, but this one terrified
          "He Who Kills" makes this my favorite.

          2. Dracula Has Risen From the Grave (Christopher Lee) (1968)-- No one plays
          Dracula like Christopher Lee.

          3. Horror of Dracula (Christopher Lee/Peter Cushing) (1958)-- My all-time
          favorite acting team.

          4. The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)-- I can't estimate how many times I've
          watched this classic.....from the 1970's with my Dad to last week with my
          Dad and my son.

          5. Salem's Lot (1979)-- Usually my choice to watch on Halloween night, though
          "Horror of Dracula" was my pick in 2005.

          6. Goodfellas (1990)-- Tough to pick my favorite Mafia movie.......

          7. Scarface (1983)-- Remains intense 23 years later..............

          8. Unforgiven (1992) --Gene Hackman helps make this my favorite Clint Eastwood
          9. Rumble in the Bronx(1996)-- Too cool to leave out.

          10. A Simple Plan (1998)--I'm due to watch this one again.
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            1. Shawshank Redemption
            2. Endless Summer II
            3. The Godfather
            4. Scarface
            5. Reservoir Dogs
            6. Clerks
            7. Mallrats
            8. We Were Soldiers
            9. Belly
            10. Commando


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              Mine shifts, but here's the constants, in no order:

              Citizen Kane
              His Girl Friday
              Star Wars
              Princess Bride
              Shawshank Redemption
              2001: A Space Odyssey
              Batman (1989)
              Empire Strikes Back

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                1)Halloween 1
                3)American History X
                5)Romeo Must Die
                6)The One
                7)Urban Legends
                8)Pearl Harbor
                9)Tupac Reserection
                10)Die Hard With a Vegence
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                  in no order

                  1. cool hand luke
                  2. shawshank redemption
                  3. saveing private ryan
                  4. outlaw josie wales
                  5. one flew over the cookoos nest
                  6. windwalker
                  7. Skins
                  8. jaws
                  9. Little big man
                  10. brother where art thou
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                    In order

                    - Casino
                    - True Romance
                    - Point Break
                    - Goodfellas
                    - Die Hard
                    - Donnie Brasco
                    - Pulp Fiction
                    - Predator
                    - Narc
                    - Scarface


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                      Hmm...I hate doing those, but here are some of my favourites, no particular order:

                      - Amelie (sweetest film EVER)
                      - La Reine Margot
                      - LotR trilogy (extended editions)
                      - The original Manchurian Candidate (with Harvey/Sinatra)
                      - Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal
                      - Donnie Darko
                      - Day of the Jackal (
                      - Dr. Strangelove
                      - Shawshank Redemption
                      - The Ipcress File

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                        My list is.

                        1. Goodfellas
                        2. Casino
                        3. My cousin Vinny
                        4. Slapshot
                        5. Major League I
                        6. Forest Gump
                        7. Rocky I-IV
                        8. Heat
                        9. Bachelor Party
                        10. Meet the Parents
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                        • #13
                          1) The Crow
                          2) Highlander
                          3) Army of Darkness
                          4) Dead Again
                          5) Hudson Hawk
                          6) The Shawshank Redemption
                          7) Clerks
                          8) Superman II
                          9) Caddyshack
                          10) Say Anything
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                            holy cow! I wasnt expecting the Crow to be #1 on two other peoples list!

                            1) the crow (brandon lee was spectaculer)
                            2) better off dead
                            3) true romance
                            4) house of flying daggers (better than hero and crouching)
                            5) constantine
                            6) what dreams may come (one of the saddest movies ever, robin williams rocks)
                            7) super troopers
                            8) event horizon
                            9) existenz
                            10) garden state
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                              Here's mine:

                              1-Apocalypse Now
                              3-The Godfather
                              4-Lord of the Rings Trilogy
                              5-The Untouchables
                              6-Menace to Society
                              7-Star Wars Trilogy
                              8-Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
                              9-Field of Dreams