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  • The Official Musician's thread

    I cant believe this hasnt been done already (maybe It has, And Im just an Idiot)

    This is the thread for all of us who are musically inclined . Guitar, vocals, drums, bass, trumpet, flute, gong.... Doesnt matter what you play, just stop in and say hey.

    As for me, Im a vocalist in a band at the moment. Im decent at guitar but I have a million things to learn before I can even attempt to reach the levels of my friends and bandmates. We write all our own stuff (never done a cover, most likely never will) and we just have a damn blast with it.

    what do you play?Beginner to expert, all are welcome!

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    Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, Backing vocals..


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      --- Here's some that I found ---

      --- There was a thread once that had a dozen or more horn players !!!






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        Yes, we had a couple of different threads for musicians and some instruments in particular.

        Anyways, trumpet player here



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          I play...

          Stereo with Surround Sound.

          And played some guitar in my youth.


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            Lead guitar

            Vocals (when needed).