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  • See No Evil

    See No Point!

    This was a craptastic horror flick, so craptastic as we walked out of the movie after it was done they where handing out chocolate to make you forget how crappy the movie was.......even the chocolate sucked....


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    I saw some adverts for this movie and it looked pretty stupid, just like any horror film except some WWE guy is the killer, seems boring to me...


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      I'm not big into horror movies, I don't see the point in trying to scare myself when I know its not real. By the previews, this movie looked stupid to me as well.


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        are we talkin the grudge and the ring stupid or stupider?
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          I wont go to see it simply because I'm not a horror movie fan. To me it me it does not matter that "Kane" is in it. Then again I'm a wrestling fan. It think it is stupid to dismis something do to it connection to the WWE, I think the XFL would have a better chance if it did not have that tie in.
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            I have no interest whatsoever in those type of slasher films. I'm cool with a realistic crime movie (Se7en, et cetera). But not this Jason-like stuff.
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