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    I'd just like to jump in real quick to point out that you're discussing boy bands in a Guns 'n' Roses thread.

    I voted for "You Could be Mine," but "Welcome to the Jungle" is a close second for obvious reasons. Hearing that opening guitar chord at kickoff just sends a charge through Paul Brown Stadium!
    Thanks to Freyaka for the great sig!


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      It isnt really my style of music, but the beginning of welcome to the jungle gets me pumped up.


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        Originally posted by Jared
        Well, again, at least Poison wrote and played their own material.

        When I think of 'boy bands', I think of the Monkees, New Edition, NKOTB, etc.

        The fact that some of them have some singing talent is immaterial to their 'boy band' status. They were put together by a producer to strictly sell records and make money. Not to have any artistic merit whatsoever. And they usually had a record deal out of the gate.

        I just can't really see them as analogous to a band or artist that actually played live in clubs and worked their way up, regardless of the quality of music.
        Throw in Menudo. They had Ricky Martin and... other guys. I think New Edition had plenty of talent, though. It was fun when all the spanish girls thought Menudo was the best, all the black girls thought New Edition was the best, and all the guys wanted to do Samantha Fox.