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  • TDforTatum26
    I like Evanescence alot.

    I like some of the P ussycat Dolls songs...

    I also like Gwen Stafani

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  • Southstander
    Nicole Nordman
    Rebecca St James

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  • keithbishop
    Lisa Gerrard. Formerly in "Dead Can Dance". Now she does soundtracks ("Gladiator", etc. ) and has some solo releases.

    She has an amazing voice...... by far my favorite female vocalist.

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  • horsesense
    Those are all great artists, but what about Josie and the P*U*S*S*Y*cats?

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  • Tony
    just to name a few...

    sheryl crow
    joss stone
    bonnie raitt
    nikka costa
    shania twain
    melanie C.
    gwen stefani
    alicia keys
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  • Jared
    Ladies I have been listening to lately:

    Kendall Payne
    Evanescence (Amy Lee)
    Sheryl Crow (I dig her second album the most. "There Goes The Neighborhood" is a kick ass song)
    Beth Hart

    Ladies I have always liked:

    Joan Jett
    Heart (admit it, back in the day, the Wilson sisters rocked harder than you, and you loved it)
    Dixie Chicks (regardless of what you feel about their politics, the sheer number instruments they play is astounding. Lots of talent. Great vocal harmonies)
    The Donnas
    Liz Phair
    The Runaways (more influential than most care to realize)
    Indigo Girls (sometimes when I like to mellow out. "Galileo" is great, as is "Romeo and Juliet" and "Shame On You")
    Pat Benatar

    Lately, I have been really digging the voices of Roberta Flack, Karen Carpenter, and Joni Mitchell. All much mellower stuff, but they could, could they sing.

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  • David_Carr
    Tarja Turunen of Nightwish

    She has a beautiful voice and she's just all around beautiful
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  • WhoDeyBengals
    Some female artists/female vocal bands I listen to:

    Evanescence (Amy Lee is hot)
    Drain STH (They're ALL hot)
    Tori Amos
    Norah Jones

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  • twotone
    Lacuna Coil would be better without the guy singer.
    Flyleaf is another one, don't know her name but she's good.
    Cruiserweight has a badass lead singer named Stella Maxwell. They are a little unknown band from Austin.
    Horrorpops is pretty good too, don't know the name on that one either.
    The Like is a band, I think, that is all females (like Kitty). Pretty decent.
    I'm sure there are more, can't think of 'em at the moment.

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  • KnightOLB53
    TaTu cuz they would kiss during there music videos.

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  • Charlie Brown
    started a topic Favorite female musician/band

    Favorite female musician/band

    My favorites would have to be:

    Lacuna Coil - Cristina Scabbia
    Evanescence - Amy Lee
    Concrete Blonde - Jenette Napolitano

    For those of you that haven't heard Lacuna Coil or Concrete Blonde here are some music vids courtesy of YouTube.

    Lacuna Coil - Heaven's A Lie ... Video sucks. Awesome Song

    Concrete Blonde - Joey .. one of their best songs

    Concrete Blonde - Tomorrow, Wendy .... a very good song and personally my favorite Concrete Blonde Song

    Concrete Blonde - Everybody Knows from the film "Pump Up The Volume"