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  • Shuffle Songs Game

    Here is a cool thing to do. PUt your media player on random and write down the first 10 songs it plays. no cheating either.

    1. "Mr Brightside" - The Killers
    2. "This Boy" - Franz Ferdinand
    3. "Love Aint' For Keepin" - The Who
    4. "All Apoligies" - Nirvana
    5. "Let it Be' - The Beatles
    6. "Only" - Nine Inch Nails
    7. "Love Her Madly" - The Doors
    8. "Eriatrake" - The Mars Volta
    9. "Little Wing" - Jimi Hendrix
    10. "Under the Bridge" - Red Hot Chili Peppers

  • #2
    not falling-mudvayne

    everything and nothing-mudvayne

    recombinant resurgence-mudvayne

    she loves me not-papa roach

    no pun intended-psychostick

    infected-bad religion

    bleed for the devil-morbid angel

    doing something(if you catch my drift. if you don't it starts with an f and ends with a g) an animal-gwar

    I will kill you-cannibal corpse

    hellspawn-morbid angel
    the space that is mine

    We miss 'ya brother dime. We know your up there jamming with Cliff and Chuck. Stay metal :salute: :rockon: