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    I found a link to the sound,
    Or heres a direct link

    I would deffinatly recommend turning the volume down first, its a really penetrating sound.

    (Here is another one i found, its alot tougher to hear, might have to turn the volume up, i believe this is the one used to keep young people from gathering)
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      yep already been posted.
      the space that is mine

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        Good, I could hear it. Now I don't feel too old.

        Actually, that was a pretty annoying sound. I can see why some shops were wanting to use it to keep kids from loitering around their stores. I sure wouldn't stick around with that whine blaring in my ears.
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          Haha, im not a cruel person but i cant help laughing when i played it and my cat darted out of the room.


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            Originally posted by Drew303

            Im 25, I wonder if I could hear it???
            SEARCH is my friend.....

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              i couldnt hear the one in the npr clip, but i could hear the straight mp3 link. which is odd because im 16.
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                i heard them very clearly. THe second one is louder, but my ears kind of hurt and i have a headache. Then again it could be the weather... Tropical storm Alberto (or is it a hurricane now???) is givin' me a headache (low pressure).

                I don't even have a cell phone, but if i did i wouldn't use that ringtone. What if i get a call in the middle of a class with a young teacher with great hearing? Or what if its really loud and suddenly every kid in the class lets out a surprised yell or covers their ears. That'd probably be funny to see as an adult .I'd just use vibrate, or i'd turn off my phone... Its simple.