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  • The Movie Discussion Thread

    I've always wanted to have a thread where I can just talk about a movie. I don't want to hear about any ratings that people might have... just some small talk about the movie.

    For the first discussion, I want to talk about one of my favorite drama/comedy's.

    I was wondering if anyone here saw "The Girl Next Door" starring one of my favorite actress Elisha Cuthbert.

    Some people might say it was a dirty movie... "Cmon B4B, an ex porn star runs into this nerd, what kind of movie is that?"

    I was wondering if anyone saw the movie and which you thought of it. Did you get some of the symbols? What did you/ didn't you like about it.

    Please post if you saw the movie.. .I hope some of you did. (My sister is getting annoyed of me talking about it all the time!)

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    The sex ed movie. Not a bad idea actually.


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      The movie was alright.

      Personally I liked Timothy Olyphant's character a lot. Sure, he's pretty much the bad guy in the movie. But I still like him nonetheless. I usually like the Bad Guys.
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