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  • Who Has a Wide screen TV?

    My wife and I just bought a 53" Panasonic wide screen tv this week. It's being delivered today and I'm pumped up about watching football on it. It has PIP and split screen, which is cool so you can watch 2 games at once. We did a lot of research and found out that RCA makes a poor widescreen tv, while Toshiba and Hitachi are good names to go with. We ended up going with Panasonic, because our daughter has a Panasonic TV with rotary dials that still works great! That TV has to be at least 15 years old.

    What do you have and how do you like it so far?

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    It depends, are you going High-Definition? More and more sports broadcasts are going both high-def and traditional. I don't like watching the full-screen shows stretched out into widescreen but if it's made for high-def widescreen, you get a better picture and a wider view of the football field. Can't beat that.
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      I dont have a wide screen but I do have a 52" Sony T.V.. Its great I got it like 2 days before the Bronco/Packer SB. Last year I got this surround sound system, and in my living room there are 2 big speakers and 4 smaller ones then 4 more that are in the corners ofthe room. Every Bronco game it sounds like your actually in the stadium it is so cool. Now I am setting my sights on a 52" or bigger flat screen T.V.. Cant wait until Christmas.


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        We have a 65in big screen.

        I would like a flat widescreen for the bedroom, but I get all distorted trying to watch anything but movies; made for widescreen, in a widescreen format.


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          Currently have a Hitachi 43inch HD 4 x 3...thinking about a going with a Sony 50inch LCD Widescreen. 3.2 million pixels and a 20 year life....No phosphurus to burn out.
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