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James Bond vs Indiana Jones

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    Looking purely at the movies, Indiana Jones is just more "realistic" than Bond. I enjoy the Bond flicks but there are way too many one-liners and ridiculously over-the-top stunts.

    The Indy flicks seem more plausible, relatively speaking. At least any crazy stuff that happens can usually be attributed to a deity of some sort. Bond gets downright silly at times with no rationale for why physics suddenly stop working. I know you're supposed to suspend your disbelief but it gets harder to do that as the stunts get more unlikely.

    But it's all fun anyway. Of course, the box office receipts will back up Indiana Jones as being more popular. "Die Another Day" did $47 million its opening weekend back in November '02. I'd bet just about anything that the next Indiana Jones film (still a couple of years away) will break $100 million it's opening weekend.
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      gonna have to go w/ the american
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        And let us not forget that Bond comes from an Era that is more futuristic than Indy. Even the earliest Bond movie takes place 25 years after the last Indy movie. On even ground with similar resources, Indy wins this one hands down.