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who has a better career as an actor?

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    I'm the only vote for Ben, but I do have my reasons. It has to do with my perspective. As a 17 year old Ben Affleck is a babe, not that it should matter but my friends and I would probably go see an Affleck movie before we saw a Damon movie.

    Ben was in Pearly Harbor which is one of my very favorite movies of all time. He was also in Jersey Girl--which is a movie my friends and I love but the majority of the world hates. Paycheck I liked too...and Armageddon, you can't forget that one.

    I admit I don't pay as mucha ttention to Matt as I do to Ben, although I did see him in The Brothers Grimm, but the only reason I saw that movie was because Heath Ledger was in it, and Heath beats both of them in my book anyday. more thing..Dogma is like one of my favorite movies...and I like Ben because he turns out to be uber evil and it was pretty weird. But yeah, there is wqhy I voted for Ben..yey!
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      I think I'll go with Affleck. He's in more of the View Askew movies than Damon is.
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        I don't like either one they can't act,LOL


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          Originally posted by anton1287
          thats from team america world police....

          cos all that the matt damons character said in the whole movie was "matt damon"...

          over and over...

          OMFG i love team america world police that's gotta be one of the funniest movies EVER.

          i chose ben because he's been in a few kevin smith movies. and well i just like kevin smith
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            Originally posted by tpryce93
            OMFG i love team america world police that's gotta be one of the funniest movies EVER.

            i chose ben because he's been in a few kevin smith movies. and well i just like kevin smith

            that makes no sense...matt's been a couple of his movies as well

            so your saying you only like ben because of kevin?
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              Who can count out Damon's shoulda-been nominated-for-an-Oscar performance in Stuck On You with Greg Kinnear produced by who other than the Farrelly Brothers!! But you have to admit the roles Damon gets are better. Just compare the two in Good Will Hunting. Granted Assfleck is supporting, but the delivery, accent, and just presence of Damon just outshines Assfleck. And I hate people from Boston.


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                Originally posted by Reidman
                Rounders, that movie kicks ass!

                "Listen, here's the thing. If you can't spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker."

                GREAT movie.

                No one is weighing in on Affleck for his awesome performance in Reindeer Games ??

                Damon in a landslide. I'm still pissed at Affleck for making himself an unofficial RSN spokesman a couple of years back..... his comments didn't show an ounce of class.

                BETTER QUESTION:

                Who wins in a fight to the death??

                Once again, I say Damon. Don't underestimate the crafty/cagey factor in a fight to the death.
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                  Originally posted by Calif. Bronco
                  It's a bit like picking between the two worst teams in football but given those are the only two on there I have to go with Matt. After a string of bad movies and his relationship and stuff Ben Affleck has become more of a joke than an actor, IMHO. He is considered Instant Death for a movie in the entertainment industry.
                  these are my thoughts exactly....
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