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What musical instrument do/did you play?

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    Drums, a little bass, I used to do a lot more more vocal work, but smoking blew that.

    Still sing harmonies over my wife's melodies to the little one. Usually liek old beatles tunes or whatever. The kid loves it.

    My influences are all over the map.

    I started with KISS, AC/DC and Reo Speedwagon, fairly straightforward stuff to play to on the drums, moved into things like Yes, Rush, King Crimson, and then even let a little pop stuff creep in there (Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Red Hot Chili Peppers, old school Kool & THe Gang, Rufus, CAmeo, Stevie Wonder, Hall & Oates).

    As much as I was into Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Metallica, W.A.S.P., etc, I never could ever get the tempos down quite right, and I got tired. And I could never find anyone to play that style in my hometown anyway.

    Everybody's gotta elevate from the norm...

    The greatest list of music I don't own on CD :sad:
    You should check these guys out


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      I am a virtuoso on the Butt-Trumpet...

      No one can even come close... Or for that matter wants to...

      [SIZE=1][B]Adopted Bronco:Kenard Lang


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        played piano and guitar in 7th grade...

        was ok...

        but was not special so i went on not wanting to waste my time...

        played baseball...

        a bat is an instrument...

        it goes "ding" like a triangle...

        a triangle is an instrument apparently...



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          I play piano, self-taught, runs in my family.

          However, my mom plays piano beautifully...all 'by ear'...she cannot read music. I will never be as good as my mom.

          My grandmother used to play piano for silent movies, at the local theater. Way, way, way before my time.

          I read music and play somewhat 'by ear', but mostly read music. When I was about 12 years old and the movie "The Sting" came out....I purchased the LP and played it over and over until I taught myself the Entertainer on the keys.

          I played the TUBA in 7th grade....but it's because I was good friends with the band teacher and he didn't mind my many, many mistakes. I was horrible.

          I love the horns though----all of them! I love all the strings!

          Hey - -- AlWilsonizKing-----I kind of like some HipHop, just don't care for Rap.

          Hey----Jared. I too enjoy singing. I started doing "solos" when I was 5 in my church choir. What was my 'hit tune'?---On the Old Rugged Cross. I'd get special requests from all the old people for more solos. I was terribly shy too, but not when I sang songs. Then my family all grew up singing around the piano at the family parties.

          Hey----T140: the DRUMS? I always wanted to learn. What a great instrument!
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            I play a little guitar, but my main talents are vocals and lyrics.

            If you take what I have to say seriously, then I'm embarrassed for you.


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              Originally posted by Vulcan
              I have played trumpet for eight years. I was so-so.

              However I am playing tuba currently; Nov. is my 1 yr anny, and I can play it better in one year, then in eight years on trumpet.

              My tuba instructor says I found my calling [tuba].

     Me playing the tuba
              Right on! :thumb:

              1. Baritone Horn-9 years of concert, jazz, and MARCHING band
              2. Bassoon-2 years of concert band and lots of teasing
              3. Flute-2 months
              4. Tuba-2 years of MARCHING band

              Good question!
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