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What musical instrument do/did you play?

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  • Chica_Ang
    Originally posted by Vulcan
    I have played trumpet for eight years. I was so-so.

    However I am playing tuba currently; Nov. is my 1 yr anny, and I can play it better in one year, then in eight years on trumpet.

    My tuba instructor says I found my calling [tuba]. Me playing the tuba
    Right on! :thumb:

    1. Baritone Horn-9 years of concert, jazz, and MARCHING band
    2. Bassoon-2 years of concert band and lots of teasing
    3. Flute-2 months
    4. Tuba-2 years of MARCHING band

    Good question!
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  • Broncofan-13
    I play a little guitar, but my main talents are vocals and lyrics.

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  • His Wife
    I play piano, self-taught, runs in my family.

    However, my mom plays piano beautifully...all 'by ear'...she cannot read music. I will never be as good as my mom.

    My grandmother used to play piano for silent movies, at the local theater. Way, way, way before my time.

    I read music and play somewhat 'by ear', but mostly read music. When I was about 12 years old and the movie "The Sting" came out....I purchased the LP and played it over and over until I taught myself the Entertainer on the keys.

    I played the TUBA in 7th grade....but it's because I was good friends with the band teacher and he didn't mind my many, many mistakes. I was horrible.

    I love the horns though----all of them! I love all the strings!

    Hey - -- AlWilsonizKing-----I kind of like some HipHop, just don't care for Rap.

    Hey----Jared. I too enjoy singing. I started doing "solos" when I was 5 in my church choir. What was my 'hit tune'?---On the Old Rugged Cross. I'd get special requests from all the old people for more solos. I was terribly shy too, but not when I sang songs. Then my family all grew up singing around the piano at the family parties.

    Hey----T140: the DRUMS? I always wanted to learn. What a great instrument!

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  • anton1287
    played piano and guitar in 7th grade...

    was ok...

    but was not special so i went on not wanting to waste my time...

    played baseball...

    a bat is an instrument...

    it goes "ding" like a triangle...

    a triangle is an instrument apparently...

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  • BroncoFanCam
    I am a virtuoso on the Butt-Trumpet...

    No one can even come close... Or for that matter wants to...

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  • Jared
    Drums, a little bass, I used to do a lot more more vocal work, but smoking blew that.

    Still sing harmonies over my wife's melodies to the little one. Usually liek old beatles tunes or whatever. The kid loves it.

    My influences are all over the map.

    I started with KISS, AC/DC and Reo Speedwagon, fairly straightforward stuff to play to on the drums, moved into things like Yes, Rush, King Crimson, and then even let a little pop stuff creep in there (Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Red Hot Chili Peppers, old school Kool & THe Gang, Rufus, CAmeo, Stevie Wonder, Hall & Oates).

    As much as I was into Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Metallica, W.A.S.P., etc, I never could ever get the tempos down quite right, and I got tired. And I could never find anyone to play that style in my hometown anyway.

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  • sneakers
    I play the oboe. For like 16 or 17 years now. I don't play professionally or anything, but I have a professional oboe.

    I had my old student oboe stolen 3 years ago. I got $3,300 from the insurance company. So I decided to dream big, and I bought the best oboe money can buy, a Loree for only $5,100.

    Even though I have the best oboe in the world, I still play mostly out of tune because I cannot make reeds very well.

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  • Bronco_f1
    trumpet for 8 years. I did stop playing from time to time, but never more than 3 months, so I never really forgot.

    And unlike the other former trumpet players, I dont want to learn guitar, its too much work

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  • AlWilsonizKING
    "2 Turntables and a microphone"

    Though some wouldn't consider it (or them) an instrument....I spin the one's and two's, or turntables for those less inclined. I have been spinnin' for 3-4 years but have been into DJ'n since I heard "Rock It" by Herbie Hancock. And when Grandmixer DXT did the scratch I was hooked!!!

    I would consider myself a Hip Hop DJ but am influenced by many genre's of music...yes even country..hehe

    "The turntable is an instrument as long as you look at it as an instrument." - DJ Rob Swift


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  • keithbishop
    Originally posted by Nick7
    Bass in a BM band in 1987?

    There's such thing?

    LOL. You betcha.

    The Godfathers of Black Metal, VENOM , formed in 1979. Cronos is one of the best Metal Bass Players of all time and inspired me, along with legions of other bassists. The 2nd most influentional Black Metal band was BATHORY.
    My favorite BATHORY albums were their first 4:

    Bathory (1984) 4th favorite
    The Return (1985) 3rd favorite
    Under the Sign of the Black Mark (1987) Favorite
    Blood, Fire, Death (1989) 2nd favorite

    "Under the Sign" is very "underproduced" as bands like Darkthrone have been, but is the fastest of the 4 and will always be amongst my favorite metal albums.

    "Blood, Fire, Death" will also always be one of my favorites. It's the album that paved the transition from Black Metal to the "Viking Metal" that was played on the albums that followed. R.I.P. Quorthon .

    More recent influential bands like Darkthrone, Mayhem and Marduk owe a lot to Bathory's 1st 4 albums. Bands like Amon Amarth owe a lot to Bathory's albums starting with "Blood, Fire, Death".

    I used to play covers of the title track from "The Return" plus a couple songs from "Under the..." as well as Venom's song "Black Metal".

    My full "progression" I suppose, was 1987-1991 speed/thrash
    1989-1991 doom
    1989-1997 death
    1992-1997 black

    The first band I was in (in 1987) was no big deal, but got me started.

    Mikai (drummer of Anwyl) and I played together from 1988 through 1997. We had several different band names. All but a handful of songs were written by the two of us. Many members came and went (some multiple times), but the writing and the vision were always that of Mikai and I. We had several periods as a 2-man band. Mikai is every bit as good of a guitarist as he is a drummer. Our early stuff was influenced heavily by Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Metallica, Slayer, Iron Maiden........

    As our playing got better, we started playing faster until we had pushed Speed Metal as fast as we could go with it. The 1st albums from Death (actually, it was their 2nd album"Leprosy" more than their first "Scream Bloody Gore" ), Cannibal Corpse and Obituary helped move us into Death Metal. We had several rehersal tapes/demos, but there was no one to send them to (that we knew of) in the early 90's. We had a period or 2 of writing a lot of Doom Metal, influenced by the likes of Black Sabbath, Cathedral's 1st album ("Forest of Equilibrium") and Candemass but in those periods ,our vocals stayed low and we never really moved away from Death Metal.

    By 1992 we had truly moved away from sounding too much like our influences (though I could say the same thing about quite a bit of our Speed Metal stuff from 1990 and 1991). Our band name was NEPHILIM from 1992-1995. Also in 1992, Mikai (guitar/vocals) and I got the drummer we had from 1988 to join us for a Black Metal band, NOSFERATU. It was a brief period (the drummer wasn't good about showing up for practice), but it paved the way for the music we played from 1995-1997.

    In 1995, we created a 2nd band, ENKIL (we wrote songs for both Enkil and Nephilim. ENKIL continued until 1996 and NEPHILIM continued through the 90's , and paved the way for the formation of ANWYL a few years later. From 1995 on, we called ourselves "Black/Death" Metal, as we had plenty of elements from both styles.

    My entire life revolved around playing and writing songs from 1988 through 1997. By 1995, I had little to do with those outside of my band (or friends of our band), including my family. As I posted earlier, the impending birth of my son changed everything. Carpal Tunnel "helped", as it became increasingly difficult to maintain the speed we played at.

    My passion for Metal remains unchanged and I can't emphasize enough how upset I was (and remain) at the absolute collapse of a band I adored, Metallica. When you play speed/thrash Metal and the undisputed Kings of the style sell out... it can leave scars. I've been more forgiving of other bands that fell from greatness, but those other bands didn't have the entire Metal world in the palm of their hands as Metallica did with "Master of Puppets".

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  • Nick7
    Originally posted by tpryce93
    i don't play an instrument but in the 5th grade we either had to play an instrument in the band or be in choir. and since i didn't wanna sing i chose to play the alto sax. i sucked. i've been wanting to get a bass and learn how to play for a while now though. especially since alex webster is my hero.
    that's some BS, man.

    In 6th grade (when band orchestra started) none of that was mandatory. I decided to play string bass anyway, to help strengthen up my fingers. I quit after 7th grade because I thought it's coolness had kinda run out. I was kinda bored with the songs. It wasn't that I'm so metal oriented that guy that I couldn't bear classical (I ****ing love classical). I couldn't stand having such a small role.

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  • tpryce93
    i don't play an instrument but in the 5th grade we either had to play an instrument in the band or be in choir. and since i didn't wanna sing i chose to play the alto sax. i sucked. i've been wanting to get a bass and learn how to play for a while now though. especially since alex webster is my hero.

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  • Nick7
    Originally posted by keithbishop
    I played bass guitar in Speed/Death/Black Metal bands from 1987 until 1997. Carpal Tunnel and the impending birth of my son made me leave everything behind (particularly the lifestyle) in 1997. I miss playing, but wouldn't trade a bit of what I've shared with my son for the old days.
    Bass in a BM band in 1987?

    There's such thing?

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  • Skywalker
    I played clarinet for 3 years (for middle school)

    I thought it sucked so I didnt continue this year in high school...

    I want to learn how to play guitar...

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  • aberdien
    Trumpet for about 3 years, guitar for about 6 months.

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