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Your top ten favourite actors and actresses

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  • Your top ten favourite actors and actresses

    In no particular order, here are mine:

    Susan Sarandon
    Matt Damon
    Johnny Depp
    Meryl Streep
    Pauline Collins
    Julie Walters
    Jack Nicholson
    Cary Grant
    James Stewart
    Judi Dench

    *edit - can't limit it to 10, must have one more - Katherine Hepburn.
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    Christian Bale
    Johnny Depp
    Ewan McGreggor
    Clive Owen
    Kate Beckinsale
    Natalie Portman
    Charlize Theron
    Angelina Jolie
    David Boreanaz
    Matt Damon
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      Christopher Walken
      Vince Vaughn
      Matt Damon
      Will Farrell
      Jim Carrey
      Chris Farley
      Jaoquin (sp?) Phoenix
      Tom Hanks
      Robert Duvall
      Al Pacino
      Robert DeNiro (sp?)

      I think that pretty much covers it. I realize that's 11, but the only one in order is Walken. He's my absolute favorite.
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        In no particular order...

        bruce willis
        robert deniro
        jodie foster
        clint eastwood
        jack nicholson
        morgan freeman
        mel gibson
        al pacino
        michelle pffeifer
        matt damon


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          Bruce Willis


          Tom Hanks

          Jim Carey

          Mickey Rourke

          Will Farrell (MOM! MEATLOAF! ****!)

          Vince Vaughn

          Mike Myers

          Christian Bale

          Aston Koutcher (despite what anyone says, ''The Butterfly Effect'' was amazing)

          Edward Norton (American History X is one of the best movies I've ever seen. That curb stomp scene still sends chills down my spine)
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            I tried to make a list, but I couldn't restrict it to 10.

            There are great film actors like Connery, Cage, Damon and many others. Then there are great character actors like Fred Thompson or Gandolfini (before Sopranos fame) and other other character actors who you know by site, but not by name.

            Then there are the actresses like Emma Thompson, Susan Sarandon or the current high dollar actressess like Roberts or Witherspoon, maybe actresses we don't see much anymore like Madeline stowe or Julia Ormon. Then there are the ones that have been around for ever like Diane keeton and Merryl Streep. Then there are the cuties like Tea Leon, Jessica Alba, Denise Richards and many more (sorry, was that sexist ).

            I have to give a special shoutout to Edie Falco, both because I think she is a good actress, but also because of a special connection.

            We haven't even touched TV, with actors such as Hugh Lorie, Badford Whitley (I think that's his name, Josh from West Wing), and so many more.

            The point is that when I started to make a list, names started to pop in my head, but I realized that there are far too many to truely boil down into a top 10. In much the same way that I couldn't list a single or even ten favorite movies.

            Guess I failed the pop quiz
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              Top 10 Favorite Actors & Actresses That Are ALIVE:

              Sean Connery
              Matt Damon
              Johnny Depp
              Angelina Jolie
              Robert Duvall
              Clint Eastwood
              Anne Hathaway
              Anthony Hopkins
              Sandra Bullock
              Benjamin Bratt

              Favorite Deceased:

              John Wayne
              Bob Hope
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                Kind of like Spinal Tap, eh, Jawsy ?? "This one goes to 11" .......

                1. Christopher Lee
                2. Peter Cushing (R.I.P. -- I miss him more than any celebrity.)
                3. Jack Nicholson
                4. John Wayne (R.I.P. --There has never been a cooler actor.)
                5. Robert DeNiro
                6. Clint Eastwood
                7. James Stewart (R.I.P.)
                8. Sean Connery
                9. Al Pacino
                10. Charles Bronson (R.I.P.)
                11. Glenn Close

                I tried to keep TV show appearances out of my consideration for the list..... but The Shield is one of my favorite shows..... and I remain floored by Glenn Close's stint on the show 2 seasons back.
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                  I'm not a huge TV or movie person..

                  My only favorite is Denzel Washington. I'll probably add more later as I think harder.


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                    Chevy Chase (Thank you very little)
                    Bill Murray (I smell vormit poont..g)
                    Clint Eastwood (Ah ah! I know what er thinkin)
                    Jennifer Love Stnzed
                    Jack Nicholson (Too many to pick just one)
                    Tom Hanks
                    Adam Sandler
                    Jessica Alba
                    Jack Bauer <-----It's my list. I'll do as I please
                    Natalie Gulbis <------Hey she does commercials


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                      Kevin Costner
                      Harrison Ford
                      Johnny Depp
                      Jack Nicholson
                      Jodie Foster
                      Ally Sheedy (just for playing Alison in Breakfast Club )
                      Katherine Hepburn (R.I.P)
                      Spencer Tracy (R.I.P)
                      Dustin Hoffmann
                      Max Tidof (a German one )

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                        The hot females...

                        Mostly just Jessica Alba.


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                          Denzel Washington
                          Adam Sandler
                          Eva Mendes
                          George Clooney (sp.?)
                          Bruce Willis
                          Mel Gibson
                          Tom Hanks
                          Nick Cage
                          Chris Rock
                          Julia Roberts

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                            Ten...........only ten!!!!!!! Oh well, I'll limit myself to the movies, and this is just ten off the bat, I'd drive myself mad if I tried to pick an actual ten . I'd probably try a film just because one of these was in it

                            Clint Eastwood - Suppose I'd better put Clint here, I've got pretty well all of his movies and have just finished watching Jaws' signature

                            Denzel Washington - Man On Fire is currently one of my favourite movies.

                            Samuel L Jackson - The coolest bleep-bleeping Jedi ever .

                            Robert DeNiro - Well if you have to ask why.............

                            Gene Hackman - Superb at whatever he turns his hand to

                            Will Smith - Same as Hackman to an extent, he just makes it work

                            Sigourney Weaver - If only for Alien & Aliens

                            Peter Cushing / Christopher Lee - Although very succesful individually, I'll count these as one as their best work was often playing against each other

                            Forest Whitaker - I can't believe it's nearly 20 years since I first saw him in Platoon, and I'm going to break my own rule here by mentioning his role as Kavanaugh in The Shield , bloody brilliant.

                            Bill Murray - although he can do serious, from Stripes to Ghostbusters and onwards, the guy just makes me laugh.
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                              THIS DUDE, Hanks, Willis, Gibson, THIS DUDE, you know...

                              The great ones!!!

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