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    I absolutely hate reality shows. HATE 'em. But this is one reality show that I don't mind watching.

    The premise is that when a homocide happens, the likelihood of capturing the murderer drops to 50% if you don't have a lead 48 hours after the homocide.

    They show a ticking clock periodically to show how far in the investigation that they are. It's really interesting watching the detectives deal with fatigue, frustration, uncooperative witnesses, etc. as they try to solve a murder.

    The regular time of this show is on Thursday 9pm eastern time on A&E, but they show repeats all the time. There is a huge marathon on today (Saturday) so check it out if you have a chance. I'm pretty sure you'll be glad that you did.

    "Today's the tomorrow that you should've feared yesterday."

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    I love this show... Watch it all the time...

    I just hate it when you get through the whole hour only to find out they haven't gotten anywhere and no arrests were made- those are a bit of a let down...

    Thanks for the heads up on the marathon.