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What's with the family and crap gift giving???

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    Just ask for it. I'm sure your family will actually enjoy banding together and buying it for you,

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      What I dont get I buy myself.
      Rest in Peace, Darrent and Damien. You will be forever in our thoughts


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        Originally posted by Mile High Guru
        Speak for yourself

        My wife is a great gift giver. One time she got me an autographed Elway picture framed. One time she was looking into Super Bowl tickets and I found out and told her it was way to much to spend. Last Xmas she git me some games I really wanted, a beautiful watch, a ihome thing for playing the ipod on and a gift card for 50 songs from itunes. There was other stuff as well. She really puts alot of thought into things. Of course I am the same way with her. It is nice she is so much like me in that department.

        Okay....but then are YOU a good gift giver to your wife? It always seems like one of the people in coupledom is better at it than the other. What say you, MHG.
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