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  • Worlds Most Dangerous Drug on NG

    Did anyone catch that 1 hour show last night about Crank/Crystal Meth on National Geographic channel at 8:00?

    Damn was it interesting. 80% of people in Portland prisons are brought in on Meth related arrests. And the pictures of those people before and after...crazy. Peoples teeth falling out and most of them had this paranoid look. That dude that is 27 but said he looked 40. Damn!

    It's currently the fastest spreading drug in the states. Probably because it's the cheapest and most powerful drug (3.5 times stronger than Coke).

    I think they said that 7% of people that try it actually quit on their own. I guess the other 93% either get arrested or die.

    If it's on again, which I'm sure it will be, check it out if you missed it.

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    I saw it. Scary huh?


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      Originally posted by ThunderGirl
      I saw it. Scary huh?
      Extremely! That should be shown in every school to kids 6th or 7th grade and up.

      I have a friend that was on it for about a year. He quit when his wife caught him. Said it was by far the hardest thing he'd ever done.