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Thoughts on Kill Bill???

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  • Thoughts on Kill Bill???

    I can dig that kind of movie...

    what you say???
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    Well, why didn't you tell us what YOU thought first?

    I haven't seen Volume 2 yet but I enjoyed the first one. It was ultra-violent and quirky as hell but damned entertaining. QT is a bit twisted but far from boring. I'd rate 'Kill Bill Vol. 1" about a 7/10. I hear Vol. 2 is better than the first. We'll see...
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      I liked the first one but it was pretty much what I expected from Taratino. It didn't blow me away or anything and it's definately not his best work. One word of advice though, Don't buy it on DVD yet. They couldn't put hardly any special features on it like commentary or deleted scenes because that might have given away events in Vol 2. So wait awhile, there going to be a super deluxe version of both with a ton of features by the end of the Year.


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        I just pulled this fromThe Digital Bits

        Miramax is reportedly preparing to release a half-dozen different DVD editions of Kill Bill:

        "This is the beauty of having two volumes," said Rick Sands, chief operating officer at Miramax. "Vol. 1 goes out, Vol. 2 goes out, then Vol. 1 Special Edition, Vol. 2 Special Edition, the two-pack, then the Tarantino collection as a boxed set out for Christmas. It's called multiple bites at the apple. And you multiply this internationally." Mr. Tarantino has also cut an alternate version of the movie for Japan.

        I'm gonna ask the obvious right now: Can you believe the BALLS required to make a statement like that in public? To a reporter? For a story that people are going to READ?! Do you suppose Miramax planned to let fans of the film know about all this, so they could... oh, I don't know... maybe make informed decisions about which version they want to spend their hard-earned cash on? I can understand the need to put out multiple DVD versions of a film on occasion, but DAMN! A half-dozen different DVD editions, and Tarantino wants to release stand-alone Beneath the Crust-style discs of supplemental materials as well?! F#@K THAT.

        Multiple bites at the apple, huh?

        BITE THIS!

        And to think the entertainment industry has the nerve to wonder why some people download this stuff. Greedy bastards. Doh!

        Stay tuned...


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          volume 2 r0x0rz
          go broncos
          share the sidewalk
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