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  • Originally posted by AlWilsonizKING
    To be honest....I don't like 99% of the "Hip Hop" the play on the radio(I call it Hip POP, because that's what it is)...MnM included. Ever since his first album and his "shock" rap and the "kiddie" raps...I never liked him. That and that damn whiny voice of his. When I think he may be changing....he comes out with another "shocking" or "kiddie" rap. Why? because his hype is falling and he needs to attract the kids or how I like to put it....the immature Hip Hop fans with the cheesy verses and rhymes.

    I listen to a lot of "underground" Hip Hop artists (ha underground, it really doesn't have the same meaning anymore) Cat's that you will never hear on the radio because they make you think....and people who listen to radio crap don't like to think when listening to the music, they just want a good beat. I listen to a ton of DJ's...ha, because I am one....and to a lot of us "Anti top 40" DJ's, his type of sound just doesn't do it for us.

    Don't get me wrong, I do like a few of his joints. His more serious stuff, and a few things I've heard on mixtapes and such. I'll just never be a fan of him or his type of Hip Hop.

    I hate all rap on the radio as well, I just happen to love Eminem, but I can respect your opinion about him even if I do completely disagree with what you say about him.

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