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    I hope they don't come out with another one, because most trilogies kinda die after the fourth one. Also, I will probably end up getting them all seperately on DVD.


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      Next one will be ''Saw : Ressurection" just like every crappy 4th horror movie.
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        Originally posted by Nick7
        Next one will be ''Saw : Ressurection" just like every crappy 4th horror movie.
        That is EXACTLY what I thought would happen. They would go back and Pre-Saw the series.

        At first I hated when Star Wars did that but it grew on me so I guess it depends on how they would handle it. We really never had a background before the first one. After Voyager in the Star Trek series, I HATED the fact they went back to the beginning called Enterprise. I know that isn't horror but I am only using an analogy here.

        Texas Chain Saw went back to the beginning I haven't see that yet. Afraid I wouldn't like that but they aren't working a series yet. They just went remake like Hitcher is doing now. Hitcher II was a great follow up I thought to the original but now I am getting :offtopic:

        Someone commented on the writers/producers changing for the Saw movies. If that happens, they could screw things up. IF this same group does a "pre" Saw scenario then hats off to them because just when I thought they couldn't get any more twisted and whacked with III they proved me wrong, they could really work a IV if they do it right.

        If they choose to continue the series, then this could get REAL interesting as long as they keep up the intensitity level. With the popularity of this, I would be more surprised if they didn't go forward with another.
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