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    Originally posted by RealBronco
    Not true. In the first one, Danny Glover's character gets sliced in the jugular as well but he lives. Which I thought was rediculous. So as rediculous as things have been so far, I wouldn't doubt that she comes back or that he comes back.

    Or he could just become a psychiatrist and help them the normal way that won't kill the majority of them. If you put someone in a situation that ultimately causes their death, you are responsible for it. There's no way around that.

    Help them value life more by joining him in setting others up for their untimely death. Sweet! And as we've seen, it obviously did NOT help Amanda. So far he isn't doing so well in the "helping" people department.
    I still think she is dead, since Glover was only grazed in the throat (how did he just shake that off? I agree it was horrible) and she had a bullet deep in it.

    Being a psychaitrist or a motivational speaker actually would have been a mouch more productive thing, but that doesnt make a good horror flick! I do see where you are coming from, he technically is a killer, but I also view him as a personification of life (which can be sort of ironic since many view him as the antithesis of life, death).

    And I never said he was good at it! In fact, he was quite horrible in the success part. But then again, I think it comes back to him being life, who honestly understands life fully? Perhaps we were never meant to understand it/him.

    But if he were real, yea, he definately would need to be brought to justice.


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      Saw 4: The Beginning

      Saw 5: The Ressurection

      Just you watch.

      Seriously though, I just watched it about an hour ago.

      I'm fairly squeamish, but I watched every scene of it. Great movie, IMO.
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      Go Huskers.


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        Originally posted by BroncoManiac_69
        Yes, the acid bowl was unique. I thought that was as bizarre as the freezer room.

        I understood the father's anger but the girl was only a witness. I think once he saw her die like that, then he felt more obligated to save the judge. The pig thing was too watery (is that a word? ) Just the idea of what was happening made me almost puke. I could almost smell it personally since I have been in slaughter houses before.

        The scene with the driver getting his limbs twisted had me freaked. This type of torture is a more slow death type rather than a quick exit.

        Amanda surprised me by not following the rules especially towards the end. We now know jigsaw is dead but is Amanda? Looked like it but.... you know movies.

        I am curious what people think about a possible IV. I have a thought about the daughter but wonder what E1 else thinks?

        I didn't read all the posts so this may have already been thrown out.
        Maybe the gal in the dreams will continue his efforts.
        Ya think?


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