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Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?

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    I think it's right up there with the best Christmas movies, and should definitely be part of The Hallmark movie group, who seem to make a Christmas movie almost every week of each year. Though Hallmark movies basically have the same plot, script and even the same people occasionally, for every movie.

    What constitutes a good Christmas movie?

    Some evidence of food and/or drink (not critical)
    A title
    Should last more than 15 minutes or so
    Popcorn is allowed while watching
    Family/friends can watch with you

    I think this checks all the boxes!


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      Originally posted by L.M. View Post

      That works! The only reason it's set at Christmas is because that's the best time to reconcile with an estranged spouse –capitalizing on the holiday spirit, and that's the backstory that serves as a plot device to get a gritty NY cop into a L.A. situation. But New Year's Eve would have worked just as well – people feel lonely then, chance for a new beginning, etc.
      Oh, most definitely a plot device. It was also a uniqueness to have a bloody rampaging action movie set at Christmas. It gave Die Hard a very different feel than the more prototypical action movie of its heyday.

      But yeah, in lieu of the more traditional ball drop, I highly recommend the Gruber drop to toast in the new year!
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