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Ozzfest is FREE this year!!!

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    Originally posted by tpryce93
    oh yeah also expect to pay 80 dollars for a t-shirt and 20 for a bottle of water.
    Lately most concerts are like that anyway. Most of the shows I see of late are in Las Vegas and concession prices are down right ridiculous after you have already paid $75 and up for a ticket.

    Originally posted by Jared
    If I can just convince my wife that sleeping in line for admission for a few days doesn't mean I am crazy, I am there!
    That is going to be the key. The demand for the tickets would be overwhelming. I would hope they would give out the tickets before hand because waiting in a line the day of the event could get violent and nasty. I think many of us old folks can remember the tragedy that happened in Cincinnati regarding The Who concert and that was just over general admission. 11 people were trampled to death.

    These tickets for Ozzfest would HAVE to be distributed ahead of time.

    I have seen Ozzy several times and he is the bomb. I hope he goes to Vegas.
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