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Help the technobotard =) (cell phone problem)

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  • Help the technobotard =) (cell phone problem)

    So I sold 2 years of my life to a cell phone company. I bought the Razor. (yes I know I am unoriginal, I have no class and I am a sheep, don't say it )

    Anyways who else has one of these? How do you put in ring tones from your computer to your phone? I have a couple of them saved on my comp.

    In addition anyone have some Denver Bronco wallpapers for a razor phone? If so how do you put them in?

    p.s. I read the book twice.

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    You need some kind of USB cord I think to put songs off you're computer onto a cell phone. I'm not exactly sure if the Razor has those capabilities, but if it does go to and look up "Razor computer songs" or something along those lines.

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      yup it has the ability to use a USB. I did try to connect. But I have two problems. 1 I have no clue where I should put the ring tone at (which folder? I have no clue.) 2 I can't find the option to change a ring tone at all God I hate technocrap... and at the same time I love... like my fiance I hope she never sees this.

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        I have a razr...but I just bought my ringtone from the sony music box thing. I dont have the connector cord thing. I dont really understand phones as much as I should. Sorry.
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          Lets go back to carrier pigeons