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Playing Jazz Improvisation

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  • Playing Jazz Improvisation

    I'm an amateur Eb Alto Saxophone player, and I'm currently playing Jazz music. A key part in Jazz is Improvisation, and I'm having trouble with that. So can anyone write me up some cells or measures or phrases of music that I can play using the D Blues Scale or the D Minor Pentatonic Scale?

    Here's a picture of the scale -

    That is the Blues scale, Pentatonic is without the A-flat/G-sharp.

    CPs to anyone that can write me up some really cool sounding cells or measures or phrases. I'd also prefer the phrases to be 2 or 4 measures long, and sound like a Question-Answer scheme. But that's optional.

    I'll keep giving CPs even though someone has written me up some good ones.

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    I love jazz but I'm afraid I can't help you out.

    Bumping this thread, just in case there's someone here who has the know how to respond to your request.


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      I'm absolutely clueless but I recommended a friend of mine (arsenal/vikings fan) that is a sax player to the website. I don't know if he ever actually joined the board but his interest would be something like this.

      This guy is pretty hardcore when it comes to music but I'll leave it up to him to respond. He got through college based on a music and hockey scholarship at weber state.

      Good luck with your music.