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Dane Cook, Good or Bad?

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    Originally posted by str8jacket
    My fingers hurt after that post
    Did you remember that from the top of your head?

    BTW, that had me in tears....


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      Originally posted by cheesehead4
      lol that sucks. I type one key at a time. like 15 wpm.
      like 67 for me


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        Originally posted by Skywalker
        Did you remember that from the top of your head?

        BTW, that had me in tears....
        Most of it, i had to listen to a few parts just to make sure


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          worse than stupid. terrible.

          His original stuff isn't funny and his stuff that he STOLE (from guy's like Louis C.K.) the other guy delivered it better.

          I have no idea what the appeal of dane cook is.
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            he's ok

            not my favorite comedian

            my favorite comedian is dave chappelle and im starting to like some others now


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              Had the TV on in the background, and I realize it's Dane Cook on Jay Leno.

              I must say he is absolutely not funny.

              He trys WAY to hard and just fails miserably.

              The worst part is, I don't think he has a clue how un-funny he is.


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                It's hard to believe that he's known for ripping comics off, since he isn't that funny
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                  Overall hes terrible.....
                  His jokes are usually done over and over and always with that stupid little fake lisp thing he does. Hes truly not very funny. Sure, he makes me laugh every once and a while, but for the most part he just repeats himself in that stupid voice and it gets old.


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                    There should be another option on the poll. "So stupid I want to slap him and he should stop smoking meth before he does a standup". How can you be as hyped up as him and not be on something? He could be ok but how jittery and hyperactive he is annoys the hell out of me.
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                    Originally posted by kishzilla
                    You truly are a special kind of strange ha ha ha.
                    You damn right!

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                      I used to be rather indifferent about the guy, he'd make me chuckle now and again but I found his act mostly silly and a bit grating.

                      Nowadays I just get irritated when I watch his material.


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                        I like him. I think he is funny. I love his enthusiasm.