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  • Computer (posting on forums) help

    I am pretty much to forums. Just joined my first one (this one) about 2 months ago? maybe 3? anyways....

    I joined another forum and I was wondering if it is possible to convert a document I typed into Jpeg? I made a list using microsoft excel. Copied and pasted it to Microsoft word and saved it. Came out fine. Then I tried to copy and paste it on a post on the forums message boards, only problem it came out funky. Not everyone has excel so I don't want to post it in that file type. I was wondering if there was a way for my to upload my list on a forums message board. It still has the borders and collums on the list, so I can just type the list.

    Can anyone help? Or even know what I am talking about?

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    does the document fit on the screen all at once?

    if so, then you can view it, and hit the 'print screen' button on your keyboard. then open up MS Paint and do edit>paste and it will paste the screenshot that you took of the document. you can then do a save as and save it as a jpg.

    crop it in photoshop or whatever if you need to.

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      Its a wee bit longer than a page


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        Host it somewhere and link to it. The actual file, not an image.

        Convert it to a PDF doc and then host it somewhere and link to it.

        Not what you're looking for?

        Ctrl + Alt + Print Screen (right there above the Delete key) will copy your active window screen to the clip board as an image.

        1) Ctrl + Alt + Print Screen the first page.

        2) Paste the clip board into an image editor (Photoshop maybe).

        3) Scroll down to the second page and Ctrl + Alt + Print Screen

        4) Paste into the image editor.

        5) Join both images into one larger image and crop away the unwanted area.

        6) Save it as an image (gif or jpg) and upload to your favorite image host.


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          awww crap I don't know how to use photshop. have it, but no EXP. with.

          Should have taken the computer class this year and not next.