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    Originally posted by Dream
    Seven strings are great, what kind do you have? Any pictures man?

    I really like what you did.

    Are those just like computer drums though? I have some tips, but they're a little more personal maybe. Just talk to me if you ever wanna discuss music.

    Oh hey, what's your set-up like right now? Axes, effects, amps, etc.

    My guitar is an Ibanez RG7321. It's a pretty decent axe for
    only running me $350 (on sale).

    The drums are from a program. My guitar teacher
    burnt a CD for me of just drums that he wanted
    me to write a song to.

    I don't really use any effects, except a little
    bit of reverb/delay. The amp you're hearing in there
    is a Roland MicroCube. It's small, but it has a pretty
    nice sound, IMO.
    Go Huskers.