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    Been playing guitar for 17 years. Silvertone 3/4 is what I learned on and I still have it. I have a cheapy Hondo for my camp guitar, a Yamaha 12-string, and a Fender Stratocaster.

    I've played the saxophone (tenor & alto) since I was in the 3rd grade. Don't play much any more because the dog hates it and I love the guitar too much.

    I have a piano that was given to me from my grandparents because I was the only one that played it, but I hardly ever play it now, have never taken a lesson or made a serious effort to learn, therefore - I suck.

    I also dabble on the bass (my first guitar - sold), the drums (friends), the fiddle (aka violin - my wife's) and the mandolin (uncle's).

    Basically, give me an instrument and I'll whip something out. Often times I've considered that if I could do it all over again I would've studied music. It's a very therapeutic way to spend time. I love music - playing & listening.
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      Originally posted by Mount-n-Groan
      Basically, give me an instrument and I'll whip something out.
      That didn't quite come out right did it?

      Get your hands on a Manson MattoCaster:

      Check out the Bomber, Silver, Black, 7 String and Laser guitars...they're sweet customs and got more effects than you can shake a stick at. Moreover they're originally Stratocasters!

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        Originally posted by muse
        Get your hands on a Manson MattoCaster.
        Good stuff, muse. The 7-string is intense and I would love to play one. I also like the Laser; a very creative idea that's turning some cogs in my head....

        Maybe I should have said, "Give me an instrument and I'll whip something." -
        Winter is Coming!


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          Clarinet, Sax, Trumpet and Piano are Instruments I know how to play, just not very well.

          But my instrument of choice is the drums... doesn't matter if it's a bongo or a complete crash set I will rock out