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  • Greatest Album of All Time?

    I'm just 'watching' a live performance of 'Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds'.

    In my opinion, it is the best album I've ever heard, not just in the quality and vision of the music, but the fact that although there's great compositions like 'Forever Autumn' & 'The Eve Of The War', but that's it's best listened to in it's entirity........................

    Any other nominations?
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    AC/DC - Highway to Hell
    Gun's n Roses - Appetite for Destruction
    Led Zep 4
    I could add a few more, it's too tough to name one.
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      I also like AC/DC's Highway to Hell

      Metallica's Black album is probably my favorite.

      I also like Tom Petty's Greatest Hits album and the soundtrack for Dazed and Confused.


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        Threat Signal - Under Reprisal

        Lamb of God - Ashes of the Wake
        Go Huskers.


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          The Beatles-Abbey Road
          The Rolling Stones-Exile on Main Street
          The Who- Who's Next

          My top three

          RIP D-Will and Nash


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            For me, I have to label my favorite albums based on their genre's of music. I mean, some of the greatest albums are great for a variety of reasons. There's just too much music I haven't heard to make a really solid opinion on this though.


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              My favorite all time albums that I could listen to over and over without getting tired of them are 1) Metallica - Master of Puppets, 2) Metallica - And Justice For All, 3) Led Zep - Physical Graffitti 4) Led Zep - Houses of the Holy and 5) Skynyrd - Gimmie Back My Bullets.
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                rock and roll- the dudes.....


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                  Pantera...Far beyond Driven

                  Black Sabbath...Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

                  Iron Maiden...Piece of mind...Number of the beast

                  Acid Bath...When the kite string pops


                  Alice N Chains...Dirt

                  Godsmack...Self titled

                  All Shall Perish....Price Of Existence

                  and waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy tooooooooooooooo many more too put on this list...

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                    Boston.....Their self titled debut....
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                      I'm very disapointed in everyone.

                      The best album of all time is....

                      Dark Side of the Moon


                      Pink Floyd


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                        KISS: Destroyer
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                          Yngwie Malmsteen - Rising Force


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                            Originally posted by lvrodri
                            KISS: Destroyer

                            Led Zeppelin 4 , But Destroyer was/is a great album IMHO


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                              This is a no-brainer for me:

                              Sublime: self titled third album.

                              R.I.P. Bradley