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AVP 2: Aliens vs Predator

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    AVP was for me decent but I did wish it wasn't directed and scripted by Pual W. Anderson.


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      the Strause brothers posted on IMDB that their sorting out which trailers to use. They also will be a green band and a red band trailers which they hope they can get both up next week. at the end of the greed-band trailer they will a web-address that will lead to the red band trailer.

      info from AvPGalaxy

      Some info:

      Green-band trailers are one that most of us see in theaters. Has restrictions on what can be shown on the trailer.

      Red-band trailers are mostly online since they red-band have fewer restrictions on what can be shown on them.


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        Originally posted by WhoDeyBengals View Post
        I am a fan of both the Aliens and Predator movies.

        However, AVP sucked ass, and I imagine AVP 2, being a sequel, will suck even more ass.
        Agreed. AVP was absolutely sickening, especially when the humans and Predators started working as a tag team. I hear in AVP 2 they're going to bring out an "Alien King", which will tarnesh the series even more.

        Movies like AVP don't deserve to be associated with the original Alien and Predator franchises, which is why I ignore the whole "Mayan Saga". The Alien series ended for me after "Aliens" and the Predator series ended after the first one.


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          The first one was hilarious. I went in expecting crap, and got a whole lot of laughs because of how bad/cheesy it was. Although I got a free ticket for buying the Predator DVD and would not have wanted to actually pay for it. Unfortunately it was far too rushed. With both series, they teased the audience for a while before actually showing the Alien or Pred. This one jumped straight in and didn't deliver. If AVP2 is given more time and an R rating, I'll go in with higher expectations than the first, but I'm not gonna expect a classic like the original movies.


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            As far as I know of there won't be an alien king. but most likely we will see a predalien. for those who haven't played the aliens vs predator games it an alien that use a predator for a host.