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--- Speed Traps/Photo Radar ??? ---

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  • --- Speed Traps/Photo Radar ??? ---


    --- I have several areas around where I live that have police on motorcycles shooting radar guns while balancing their bike between their legs.

    --- We also have several locations where photo radar vans are set up.

    --- Not to mention remote photo radar cameras mounted along some freeways.

    --- I think photo radar has been a deterrent to help stop speeders in school zones.

    --- Currently there is much discussion as to the legality of photo radar.

    --- Have you ever been nailed by a radar gun ?

    --- I found this site that mentioned all the usual speed traps in my area.

    --- It was up to date and accurate.

    --- Just click on your state and then your town:




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      not a very accurate site and does not get updated often


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        The 101 in Scottsdale FTL! I hate that crap. They're going to start doing that here in Texas as well.
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        i also took a crap and it was orange


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          I was caught by a radar once... and it said I was going 10 mph over what my speedometer said... I was speeding regardless of that lol, but I wasn't going as fast as I was told I was.

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            Our city hasn't been updated lately
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              I've gotten photo'd twice but at least if you pay the fine promptly it doesn't coun't fpr any points against your license..



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                Hi Az.
                I think I told you before just how badly we have it with speed cameras here in the UK. Cant go more than 500 yards it seems before finding one of the things, as we call them here, GATSO's.
                Personally though I think the temporary ones your on about should be banned. They can actually cause accidents, especially if someones driving along and see's one then slams on the brakes only to end up with the guy behind driving into the car.
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                  I don't know of any in my area where they check your speed with cameras but there are several places that will snap a photo of you running a red light or a toll booth.

                  Radar guns are rampant in SoCal. I thought I seen a motorcycle cop with one in each hand the other day.

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                    Yes...I've been nailed by radar, on Hwy 73-75 in Northern Kansas.

                    But!!!! I received a warning. I think I was caught by airplane.

                    Radar has been used for many years up here. Neighborhoods, side streets, and we have one main road that is constantly using motorcycle cops with radar, which are very hard to see on approach, I just slow down automatically.

                    I don't like the motorcycle cops----they are so much harder to see on the horizon.
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