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thoughts on cloverfield?

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  • thoughts on cloverfield?

    here is a video i found on youtube that might help some!

    i too feel its a whole new creature. now that i learned toho will not allow a godzilla movie to be made until 2013! now this cthulhu story should be put to rest, no way it would be a creature idea that stupid. i think its an alien of some kind that would be my only thought on this creature
    other than that here is a link to a video some guy made i dont know if some people understand what he says or not but its interesting.
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    what are your thoughts on this highly secretive movie?!!
    GO ANGELS!!!!!!! signed torii hunter!!!


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    I don't know what it is about but I am excited to see it.

    In case no body has any idea what we are talking about. Did you see the preview before Transformers? There was a movie where no title was given of the movie, only the release date. Cloverfeild is it's codename.

    Edit: I also heard that it isn't a remake or a sequal to any movie.
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      seems cool...

      but i wont lose sleep over it...