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Your top 5 summer movies!

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  • antiwup
    1 transformers
    2 live free or die hard
    3 balls of fury
    4 wild hogz
    5 bourne ultimatum
    5 (tie) the simpsons movie

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  • RealBronco
    5. Superbad. It's pretty sad when none of the action movies are on a list because they all sucked. Bourne was disappointing as hell. Pirates was the greatest waste of 3 hours ever. Didn't bother to see Die Hard.

    4. The Simpsons Movie.

    3. Sunshine. Haven't seen it yet, but since the rest of the movies this summer blew, there's nothing much to put down.

    2. 3:10 to Yuma. Yes I'm aware it's not out yet but I guarantee it will be better than most of the crap that was already released. Heck this will probably be better than Transformers because Christian Bale is a badass.

    1. TRANSFORMERS. I've already seen if 5 times and plan on seeing it again when they release the Extendted Cut IMAX Experience version September 21.

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  • badlandz
    I only saw 5 movies at the theater this summer, so I'll rank them I guess.

    1) Journey from the Fall (a Vietnamese movie, depicting post-war events)
    2) Spider-Man 3
    3) Transformers
    4) Simpsons
    5) Rush Hour 3

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  • aberdien
    1. Transformers
    2. Hot Rod

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  • Skywalker
    1) Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

    2) Transformers
    3) Spider-man 3
    4) Live Free or Die Hard
    5) The Simpsons Movie

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  • Bronco_Armada
    Nice thread

    1.) Pirates (I love ships)
    2.) Yamato (A japanese import movie I got on DVD. Again I love ships )
    3.) Simpsons (Who does not love Americas Fav. family? Still waiting for a king of the hill movie )
    4.) I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry (Adam is just cool. Looking forward to see how he plays in the new WWII movie)
    5.) Rush hour 3

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  • MasterShake
    started a topic Your top 5 summer movies!

    Your top 5 summer movies!

    I know a few stragglers are still coming out, but the bulk of the summer movie season is over. So, after looking back what are your top 5 (or 3 or whatever)? Here's mine in order:

    5. Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End
    4. The Bourne Ultamatum
    3. Live Free or Die Hard
    2. The Simpsons Movie
    1. SuperBad