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Stanley Cup Playoffs 2011

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  • Stanley Cup Playoffs 2011

    Alright, Colorado may not be in, (Though I do like them, not as much as Pittsburgh), but let's keep track of the Playoffs and the Stanley Cup, I love some good hockey when I want to relax, or get unreasonably worked up!

    PIT/TB (Series 1-1)
    PIT looked tired yesterday, drummed 5-1 by the Bolts.

    CHI/VAN (VAN 2-0)
    I really don't want to see Chicago in the Cup again.

    PHO/DET (DET 2-0)
    Darn, the Red Wings are always good.

    BUF/PHI (1-1)
    I don't want to see the Flyers near the cup again either.

    MON/BOS (MON 2-0)
    I hate Boston, so I hope Montreal beats them.

    ANA/NAS (NAS 2-1)

    SJ/LA (1-1)
    Wouldn't want to see either in the Cup, honestly.

    WSH/NY (2-1 WSH)
    Will Ovechkin finally get a cup?

    So, any predictions for the Cup?
    I say it is going to be Detroit and the Caps, with Detroit winning. (Subject to Change)

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    Lets go STARS!!!

    Oh wait.



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      I don't like Hockey.

      The Avs aren't playing, so I won't be watching.

      But I'll say probably the Wings will win it.
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        Montreal and Vancouver for the cup.

        Montreal has played really good defense so far, and Carey Price has been a wall.

        If they can get by Boston (i am certain they will), I'll be interested to see how they fare against a team with more offensive firepower.

        As for Vancouver, they have a complete team right now and are playing great hockey. I think their main competition for the west is Detroit and San Jose. Detroit is old, so if they start accumulating injuries they will suffer. San Jose has trouble keeping up their own pace past the second round.

        Overall, the stanley cup playoffs have not disappointed so far
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          NHL is still recovering from the lockout. Lost a lot of fans, including me.

          Take notice NFL and NBA.


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            Originally posted by Atwnbroncfan View Post
            NHL is still recovering from the lockout. Lost a lot of fans, including me.

            Take notice NFL and NBA.
            Yup. But the NBA and NFL won't lose me.

            I was on the edge about hockey as it was, so it really lost me.
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              Caps will win it i think. They've really tightened up defensively since last year and i think that'll carry ovi and co over the line
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                Being a Wings fan, I'd love to see them win the Cup, but they don't have consistent enough goaltending to win IMO.

                The Caps are in the same boat as the Wings, goaltending will hurt them in the later rounds.

                Boston has probably the most balanced team in the East, but they have a HUGE hole to dig out of.

                San Jose and Vancouver are the 2 best teams in the playoffs, so whomever comes out of the West should win the Cup. I'd like to see San Jose win because Joe Pavelski is a local WI guy, but I think Vancouver wins.

                I'm going to pick a dark horse out of the East - Tampa Bay, but they lose the Cup to the Canucks. Vancouver in 5.

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                  Go Penguins

                  We pooped the bed in the last game and got a little lucky in game 1 but I'm hoping that if we can squeak out 3 more wins and be able to move on.

                  But without Sid and Malkin we're not strong enough to win the cup. Oh well. Next season (if both superstars come back strong) we're going to be scary with fluery being a beast in the net.


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                    You will never hear a Detroit native say anything but THE WINGS!!!

                    So I will say the Wings will win cup 12 this year, I do agree that the goaltending is inconsistent, but at the same time, Pavel Datsyuk just seems to amaze everyone. Also everybody is starting get get health now, so now there more dangerous.

                    2 games without there future captain, I can just think of how much better they will be when Hank gets back.

                    Am I being bias? Nope, I actually do believe Detroit will win it, if not them then Vancouver.
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                      Looking pretty bad for the Hawks.

                      Vancouver leads 3-0 in the series.


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                        I'm predicting the Vancouver Canucks will win it all.

                        But since my Devils are out I'll be rooting for the Sabres to make an unlikely run.
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                          Lets go Sharks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Please win one before I die ... man I miss san Jose


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                            Right, so what's on the docket tonight?

                            Vancouver can axe Chicago, which is something I'd love to see (Hate seeing back to back championships unless it is my team, lol.)

                            LA and San Jose face off, not much, Kings or Sharks fans will be happy tonight.


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                              damn the caps are up 3-1 probably going to win this series. Habs tomorow god i hate boston if we win the 4th game and go up 3-1 i say we win this series but if boston wins its not looking good.

                              As for stanley cup prediction i say canucks vs Habs all canadians final ( realistic prediction is nuks over caps the)

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