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Fantasy Draft Today. New to FF. Welker or Thomas? What about Denver's Defense?

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  • Fantasy Draft Today. New to FF. Welker or Thomas? What about Denver's Defense?

    I'm new to fantasy football, but not to fooball. Been a broncos fan since elway was QB. I dont want to draft with my heart, but I really love the broncos, and I can't decide on Welker or Thomas. I'm pushing more towards Thomas as 40+ yard receptions count for points, but I think Welker is going to kill this year.

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    I would say Thomas over Welker.

    Welker isn't gonna get his 110+ receptions a season anymore, DT will likely be the better pickup. But you can't go wrong with either one.

    As far as Denver Defense, I would keep it on Bench, start them depending on who they play (Such as the most of the AFCW, and a few other petty offensive teams). But they're starting without Von for the first six games.

    That's just me.


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      Thomas > Welker.

      Tbh I wouldn't pick denver defense until Von comes back. I usually don't draft a defense until the last 2 rounds. I usually change defenses week to week depending on opponent


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        Unless it is a ppr league I would take Thomas in a heartbeat. I have been mildly reluctant to draft any Denver players though strictly due to how much Manning spreads the ball around. I think the offense is going to be potent but with some many good weapons it is hard to see one guy consistently putting up huge numbers week by week.

        Defenses are overrated in FF often times as well. I have a pretty strong track record in leagues and have always had a strategy of hitting the FA market up for best match up each week. I look for defenses getting matched against Oakland, NY Jets, Cleveland in years past, etc...and that has usually worked out for me personally.
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          I have Houston starting defense and Denver's D on the bench. I probably won't start them unless we are playing an AFC West team or until Von comes back and Champ is completely healthy. Houston is playing San Diego and Denver is playing the Ravens, so I think Houston will have the better D this week.

          I have Peyton Manning as my QB, but no Denver receivers. I did grab Julius Thomas as my starting TE and though he has no projected points right now, I think he'll be a huge steal in the draft now that he's our starting TE. I also grabbed Montee Ball, but he's on the bench as a back up just in case he shows up huge.


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            All our wrs are a question mark fantasy wise imo. Think they all good wr2 but I see welker and thomas going high in allot of drafts.

            If it is a money league I would not draft a denver wr unless ppr then get welker...they usually go too early for the risk. Maybe I am crazy but my gut tellls me decker is going to have allot of stats this year as he gets favorable matchups.
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              I would go with DT over Welker, DT has the big play threat and could be a TD machine this year. I drafted the Broncos D in the second to last round and I'm rolling with them. I'm not too worried. Also, Saucy is right about Julius, pick him up late if you can, I think he is going to be a stud.


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                Only take Welker in PPR leagues....unless he falls in your draft....very unlikely.
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                  Don't worry about defense until the end of the draft because you will find that you are switching them out often. My strategy: Choose whichever defense who is playing the Raiders or Jets.

                  You're welcome.


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                    Demaryius is valued as a top 5-6 fantasy WR

                    Welker is valued more around #25, he's considered much more of an unknown

                    Demaryius is going to get his no matter what. Nobody else on the team can do what he does. Welker is going to gobble up the targets that went to Stokely last year plus a lot of Tamme/Dreessen's targets, so he should get his as well. But he's much more of a question mark. I consider DT to be a sure thing.