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  • Originally posted by Joshua2585 View Post
    Bruins are going to bring home another cup, it seems
    If Rask continues to play like he has.


    • St. Lou took it to San Jose, in their rink. Going home for game 6 will definitely make The Blues the fav. I hope so. But you never know what will happen. A sharp goalie, and deflected shot. A bad call.

      St. Lou needs to take control early and make San Jose play to their game. Regardless, still one series to go!


      • I’m not really pulling for St Louis but I definitely am against the Sharks who should’ve been eliminated a month ago. So definitely hoping St Louis pulls out game 6.


        • Tonight's the night! Bruins will be favoured, but anything can happen in a 60 minute game. Rask has been incredible, but St. Lou has a shot. An early goal might give them the ammunition they need. And Binnington has to match Rask's play. He has proven to be capable of that.

          And then.....The Draft in a week and a half!! I expect some changes on my Jets, with Trouba being the highest on the list of potential movers. I expect him to be dealt sometime between now and draft weekend. Too bad, because he's a quality Dman. But we have lots of players who are worthy of lots of money, and it's time to manage the bottom line while staying competitive.

          Anyway....should be fun tonight!!!
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          • Congratz to the St. Louis Blues, the Stanley Cup Champions!! Boston came on strong early, and Binnington made some key saves to hold them off. Getting those 2 goals in the first period, made the difference. Nothing fancy, just hard nosed, smart defensive and opportunistic hockey. O'Reilly is such a leader and key player. Glad he won the MVP trophy.

            Tough loss for The Bruins. They had a great season. Nothing to be ashamed about.


            • It’s always a good day when a Boston team loses a championship.🍾👋🏾🎈👍🏾
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              • Congrats to the Blues!

                I would have been pulling for them if they were not playing the Bruins.

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                • I heard of this:


                  was reminded of this:


                  This could be a good year for the Broncos
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