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2019 Fantasy Football Smackdown League

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  • -Rod-
    2019 Owners / Teams:

    01. JvDub95 [league champion] - confirmed
    02. dipablo - confirmed
    03. beastlyskronk - confirmed
    04. broncos SB2010 / Going Long - confirmed
    05. Spice 1 - confirmed
    06. johntbronco
    07. Houshmazode - confirmed
    08. DevilSpawn / Flaming Romo- confirmed
    09. CanDB / We The North - confirmed
    10. Rod / Gridiron Academy- confirmed
    11. ebsoria
    12. MarkB
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  • -Rod-
    started a topic 2019 Fantasy Football Smackdown League

    2019 Fantasy Football Smackdown League

    I'm creating this thread for the 2019 season of our fantasy league. Those who are returning for the 2019 season, please confirm in this thread.

    01. Mean Machine - JvDub95 [league champion]
    02. Good Night QB's - dipablo
    03. Something or Another - beastlyskronk
    04. Going Long - broncos SB2010
    05. Sutton for Punishment - Spice 1
    06. johntbronco - johntbronco
    07. Hoover Doodoo Stain Remover - Houshmazode
    08. Salty Tear Swag - DevilSpawn
    09. We The North - CanDB
    10. Colossus of Rod - Rod
    11. Vonage A Chubb - ebsoria
    12. Vonstars - MarkB

    These are the teams and owners from last season that I have based on the 2018 thread. If I have any wrong info such the incorrent team/owner association, please let me know in this thread. The numeric order above matches the final standings.

    - Notes for the 2019 season:

    . For now, the draft is scheduled for Tuesday, September 3 at 9 PM ET. Why? Because it matches the day of the week and the time we had the 2018 draft. This date is just a suggestion based on last year. If someone can't have the draft on this day, let me know.

    . The IR slot is gone because it's been proven to be useless, especially since we don't have a keeper league. The current setup has 5 bench slots.

    . Draft order: is anyone interested in a draft order like the NFL, based on the standings? First, we must know how many owners from the 2018 season will return. If everyone comes back, the NFL draft order might be an interesting idea for the 1st round, even though we'll keep the snake format for the other rounds [the owner of the #1 overall pick will pick last in the 2nd round].

    If the owners are not interested in a predetermined draft order based on the standings, we must discuss a better way to randomize the order. I will not click on that 'randomize' option again since it not even changed my draft order. I was at the top of the order because I created the league, and after the program randomized the draft order I still had the #1 pick.

    . Playoffs: last season, we had very condensed playoffs with only 4 teams competing in weeks 15 and 16. Do you want to keep it this way? It's possible to expand the playoff teams to 6, but the playoffs would start one week sooner, which means one less week of competition in the regular season. I think only 4 teams in the playoffs makes this league different from the official BCMB leagues and creates an extra difficulty with more intense competition, but we can expand the playoffs if the owners think there's less fun with 8 teams out of the playoffs.

    . It looks like there will be no keepers for the 2019 season.

    Let's get to work and put this league together. Last year's league was created by the end of July, so if we don't get an answer from the 12 owners until then, I'll start recruiting replacements. I think 2 months is a good period of time for the owners to check the forums and confirm they're in.
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