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Are Baseballs on Steroids???

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  • Are Baseballs on Steroids???

    The 2019 season will obliterate home run records in the major leagues. They're talking 10% more. That's a significant increase!

    I think most fans like to see home runs, but I also believe that the integrity of the game is being challenged. Why? Because players are bigger and stronger and faster? I'd say no, because many of us believe the actual baseballs are made different. And if so....this is not a positive for the game, at least not in my opinion.

    I believe in the sanctity of sports, and that records are expected to be broken, but due to other reasons than "the balls are juiced". That is almost as bad as players being juiced, which was clearly an era when home run records were commonplace. That was the period of time when grown men suddenly were growing muscles pretty much overnight. Not saying roids are completely out of the mix, but at least a number of players got disciplined for the cheating aspect, and I would expect that most players now are avoiding the help, or at least masking it very, very discreetly!

    Back to the home run spike. I have seen so many round trippers that looked every bit a medium depth fly to the outfield that I wonder when they will have to start building much bigger stadiums! Yikes...that's not happening soon, so unless they do something with the baseballs, this could be a new standard. And though not a complete purist, I think it ruins the game. I want a home run to be a home run. I want pitching and D to be a big factor. I want steals and hit and runs, and double plays...and all the good stuff I grew up with, and learned to play by. I DO NOT want a regular fly ball to fly over the fence!

    Growing up I was a Yankee fan, because in those days I loved many of their players....Mantle, Berra, Ford, Richardson, Boyer, Maris, and on and on. And I remember how Mickey Mantle would hit balls to deep center, only to be caught at the wall...about 460 feet away! And that was with un-juiced baseballs. Now, he did get some payback because down the lines in that stadium was reachable by someone like me...around 300 feet, and even less down one line. But anywhere near center was a mammoth hit! Nowadays you do not need to hit a ball that pure, and that hard. Not even close!

    Cmon…..bring back the integrity of the game. Records are meant to be broken, but by 10%?????!!!!!
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