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  • 2020 World Series

    It's a bit late for this type of thread, but I don't see anything that would work nicely with the 6th game of the 2020 WS. A few things:

    1) I really doubt tv ratings will be good. Tampa is a good team, but not that well known. The Dodgers are both, but not sure this series has enough of what sports fans want. So be it. I'm still interested.
    2) I don't mind Tampa, but I wouldn't mind Kershaw winning a world series, and having pitched well in it. This might shut up the boo birds, who always want to take shots at stars. He is one of the best pitchers ever, and just needed to up his post season play to fulfill a great career. He's not done yet, but an LA championship will sure change the course of debate for a while.
    3) For me, as long as NYY and Houston were not in it, I was pretty good.
    4) From a salary perspective The Rays are the much better team....$107.9M to just $28.3M!!! Have to give The Rays credit, that's money ball with a capital M!!!

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    Glad for Kershaw. Not sure what Tampa was doing, taking Snell out??? As they say, we'll never know what would have happened.

    And yes, the best team won the WS this year.....and it didn't hurt to have that size of payroll. Not something I am pleased about, on the money side, but if you can do it, you can do it.

    The bizarre part was Justin Turner being taken out of the game in the 7th inning because of a positive covid test. Then he returns to the post game celebration!!!! Something tells me this will not be the last of this story...


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      As much as I love baseball, this World Series was very meh. These guys were in mid season form, not winning the war of attrition or going through the dog days of summer. I think hockey had the best championship series, I think it's the toughest to win. And yeah, the Justin Turner thing was strange. Wonder if there will be a consequence


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        It's interesting to me that they ended the season in October, which sounds normal. Other than that, almost nothing was normal.