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    Folks, it's clear that Mile High Salute will be the winner of our league, but I am not sure what the fantasy situation will be until the league explains the process of trying to complete last night's game. It's all secondary at best, while we await the news on Damar Hamlin. Any positive news will be wonderful.

    As well, our 3rd place game is not finished, based on what we know at this point. I will update as we learn more.

    In the meantime, bless the young man.


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      I see that our league has awarded the trophies, and in the case of the championship final, I think we are good to go.

      In our 3rd place game, it appears like we have a winner, but it is close and both teams have at least one player in the game.

      The league did offer a comment, that the game is still under review, so with your permission I think we should wait to see how it goes. They may disallow all points from the game, include those already scored, or finish the game.

      Thanks! I'll update as things progress.

      We're behind you Damar!!!


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        Based on the latest info from The NFL regarding the status of the Bengals/Bills game, it seems appropriate to now officially announce the following:

        Champion - Mile High Salute

        ​​Click image for larger version  Name:	image.png Views:	0 Size:	216.4 KB ID:	8447467

        2nd Place - Going Long

        3rd Place - Super Kamario

        4th Place - Miller Highlife

        When rationalizing the conclusion of our season, the following factors support the outcome:
        1. Our league has already announced the final standings
        2. Mile High Salute had a substantial lead going into the final, and even had a top tier player in the game.
        3. Super Kamario was leading going into the 3rd place game, and had 2 players vs 1 player in the final. He was expanding his lead during the game.
        4. I wish it would not have worked out this way, more so in the 3rd place game, because it was still relatively close. But it appears this is the best decision based on everything we've been told.

        Thanks for a great season everyone! Look forward to doing all again next year.

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