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    I won't go into depth here, but sports gambling is a bit worrisome to me. Any type of gambling is.

    More and more sports have gone the way of gambling, and it has become very noticeable, even in the NHL broadcasts where folks are mentioning odds more than ever, and the commercials are very much targeting gambling apps and other ways to bet.

    I am a bit of a purest I suppose, when it comes to sports, so this annoys me. I mean, do we have to bet on almost anything these days? And at the expense of quality time that could be used better on these broadcasts.

    But to me, much worse, is the fact that many people can not control their gambling instinct, and the end result is that folks are going to suffer. This can be an addiction, and it is certainly an expensive one.

    Hey, it's all ok if you can control your actions, but some can not, and making gambling so accessible and even "normalized" has a definite downside.