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Broncos AFC West Champions Titles

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  • Broncos AFC West Champions Titles

    I hope you like it...


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    Great job!!!
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      Very nice, I like it!


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        Dead Space 2!!!!

        It looks *AMAZING*, i've played the first one and beat it about 5 times and it's still not getting old.....I can't wait for this game.

        Credit Goes To JIM :salute!:


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          Yeah I loved the first one and played it a bunch too. I just hope they really improve on all the flaws.

          -Make it scary, first one was more suprise jump out of a vent "BOO!" scary, although it still kept me glued and at the edge of my seat. Also last year I read an interview and they said they were going to tone it down in this one.

          -Better controls, he feels a little too clunky when moving around.

          -Make Isaac an actual character. It might have been a little better story if I had actually gave a damn about the main character. I thought it was a huge mistake to not have him talk. He could be an emotionless robot (kind of was) and it wouldnt have changed a thing. I heard isaac is getting dialouge in this one so im excited.

          -Finally manage the weapons better. I kind of wanted a classic survival horror game where ammo is impossible to find and you really have to be careful with it. Its kind of like this on harder difficulties though. Also the first wpn you got was the best gun in the game, I felt like all the others were far inferior and I would have liked to have a better variety.

          I still loved dead space and am SO excited for Dead space 2!


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            Sig Request please!

            If anyone had the time, could they make me sig with the four players below? I'd like them each in the corner with the Broncos logo right in the middle of all four. Maybe some cool effects lol. If anyone has time and is up to the challenge...I'd be really grateful! (And would give you all the CPs in the world!) Thanks!

            Rahim Moore

            Aaron Williams

            Nick Fairley

            Jerrell Powe


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              i will give it a shot. Should be done withing a day. Do you mind if i use different pictures?
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                Nope! Go right ahead!! And thanks!


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                  sig is in my graphics forum. Let me know if you want anything changed
                  "I'm scared if I stop all at once, the cumulative hangover will literally kill me."


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                    Madden roster update 12-17-10

                    Update moves Champ back to 98 overall. Could have used that early in the year with my franchise lol. Not happy about Lendale being removed, he was my fullback lol.

                    Brandon Lloyd WR DEN Equip: Standard Helmet
                    Champ Bailey CB DEN Increase, from 97 to 98OVR
                    Demaryius Thomas WR DEN Decrease, from 76 to 75OVR
                    Eric Decker WR DEN Increase, from 69 to 71OVR
                    Jabar Gaffney WR DEN Decrease, from 77 to 76OVR
                    Kyle McCarthy S DEN Placed on IR – knee
                    Kyle Orton QB DEN Decrease, from 86 to 84OVR
                    Lance Ball HB DEN Increase, from 67 to 69OVR
                    Laurence Maroney HB DEN Decrease, from 75 to 73OVR
                    LenDale White HB DEN Removed from game (injury)
                    Matt Prater K DEN Lowered on depth chart (injury)
                    Steven Hauschka K DEN Added
                    SydQuan Thompson CB DEN Increase, from 66 to 69OVR
                    Andre Goodman CB DEN Increase, from 82 to 84OVR

                    2013,2014, and 2015 Adopt a Bronco: Champ Bailey, Marvin Austin and Matt Paradis


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                      My Ex playing Force Unleashed I

                      Soooo I am cleaning out my old YouTube vids and this was my old pad not totally moved in (Evidenced by the no couch) playing FU1, it is kinda funny and just thought I'd share, it's nothing groundbreaking but it may make you chuckle for a sec..


                      Enjoy your weekend Bronco and gamer nation!



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                        Lol that's funny. Nice TV btw.


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                          Tebow wallpaper edit

                          Askin again,
                          Can anybody change the helmet and /or the uniform in this pic?
                          Thanks in advance!


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                            PS3 Black Ops players!?!?!?!?

                            Are you as miffed as I am with the problems patch 1.04 is causing.

                            I tried to play yesterday, took me 20 minutes to find a match and then when I finally found a match, 2 minutes in Connection Interrupted and then the game closed out on me!

                            I can't play with any of my friends anymore, it say's my NAT Type is Strict and it may cause problems for me.

                            Completely ruined the game for me!?

                            I read online about the "fix" online ... deleting your saved files and then reinstalling the patch but it didn't seem to work for me!!


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                              i'm just mad they nerfed the spas lol i was doing real well with it