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Any one else worried about the run defense?

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  • Any one else worried about the run defense?

    i am actually more worried about our run defense then i am about our pass rush...... Does everyone really think that DJ can handleit.... if the coaches think so than why were they even looking at Trotter

    i couldnt watch all of the preseason games did DJ look very promising cause what i saw worried me
    Please get Mario Williams!!!!!!!!

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    yea im kinda worried as well, but i did see progression as the preseason went one. i think its a mixture of our line not eating up blocks and our backers being caught out of place....i can guarentee u tho that we will see improvement this weekend and it can onlyt get better form here on out. dont worry my friend


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      Yeah, this topic has been a recurring theme over the course of the preseason.


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        Don't think we ever looked at Trotter, DJ will be a stud, but yes I am worried. The gap between our tackle and end seems to be easy to exploit.


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          I refuse to worry about the defense until they play their first game. Bates has a proven track record and it's apparently not the first time his defense has looked bad in in the preseason, only to produce a top ten year during the regular season. Unless they stink it up against Buffalo, there's no reason to worry. Right now, there's no reason to believe anything other than they will be better than last year. After the game on Sunday, there could be something to be worried about. Let's hope not though.
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            How long has this Defence been implemented? How long has Bates been the D-coordinater? Let's just "chill" and let the season develope before we hold strong judgement on our Defence. It's been totally revamped. Common guys.
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              Jim Bates was the COACH that made Jason Taylor the end he is today. The possibilities are unbelievable with the talent he has to work with in Denver. He also did not show anything but a base package in preseason. DJ is the key, if DJ can stay cool and just do his assignment and let everyone else worry about theirs we will be fine. I agree it is necessary to see a regular season game to assess our D.


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                why should i be worried?

                the season hasnt even started yet.

                let the team play a game or two together before you start to worry.


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                  No Worries

                  We will be fine. Shanny & Bates pretty much showed a vanilla defense the entire preseason. D.J. will be a very good MLB in the league and we will have the experienced veteran (NateDawg) giving him pointers the entire way.
                  Lets not jump off the bridge just yet, we will be fine.

                  Happy Football Season to All. Doesn't it just feel great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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