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2007 Prediction Time- Henry

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    1457 yards, 12 rushing td's, 2 recieving td's.


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      1125 yds 10 tds.........85 total vs bills......o tds!


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        1682 yards


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          1753 yards with a 5.2 YPC avg.



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            850 - out 5 games due to injury. My prediction based on past years, not my wish.


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              1250 hey would have more but has to miss a game and loses some touches due to injuryes

              made by showoff


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                Won't smell 1000 yards

                First, let me say that i am a HUGE Bronco fan and second, i hope i am WRONG. I must be one of the very very few who don't believe in T. Henry. I don't know what it is exactly. I don't like him as a person maybe.... or the fact that he never rarely stays healthy and i actually think he is lazy. Yep, i said it...Lazy. Underachieving at nearly ever facet of his life except making babies. My estimate is only about 900 yards before S. Young and M. Bell kick butt as a real duo.
                Again, i hope i'm wrong because Henry needs to earn that bonus money for all those kids.


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                  1579 yards, 16 tds
                  Orange Crush Fantasy League sign ups. All the cool kids are doing it.

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                    Congrats to Boltzlover

                    Here's the update on a pre-season poll... how many yards would Henry get:
                    37 people made predictions... 37 people guessed too high... boltzlover wins for guessing lowest at 850. Henry ended with 691. Of the 37 picks, the average prediction was 1,513 yards.

                    How close did you get?

                    Henry 691
                    boltzlover 850
                    sharp_sheperd 900
                    Patrickdadookie 1060
                    billsfan0783 1125
                    Champs Chumps 1206
                    crazybronco 1250
                    Thrasher 1283
                    I3Izoncof4n24 1300
                    24spellsD 1368
                    cocalorado1 1390
                    Nashmanzl 1397
                    PowerAddict 1407
                    tsiguy96 1422
                    broncosfanscott 1450
                    jakep 1457
                    Atwnbroncfan 1498
                    Broncosfreak 56 1500
                    HallamBronco 1515
                    OrangeWilk 1532
                    Cgantz20 1560
                    BroncoSB#3 1572
                    NinjaPirateFunk 1579
                    RC278430 1596
                    BroncoStampede 1600
                    Mike1709 1613
                    underrated29 1637
                    elwayfan805 1650
                    beastlykronk 1682
                    Hemingford 1683
                    TheJackal 1753
                    wandlc 1755
                    broncos_fan88 1775
                    Tonyshucraft 1800
                    classicarluvr 1836
                    Interpol 1997
                    Broncos2024 2000
                    BF_forever 2004
                    sigpicWe da Champs... you da Chumps.
                    Super Bowl XXXII, XXXIII and 50 Champions!


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                      That was interesting.

                      Ah, the innocent hope we had going into the start of the season, before our hopes and dreams were crushed!!

                      What's funny is that no back broke 1500 this year!! My guess 1407 would have been good for #2 in the league!