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Did we really? / Broncos sign Mustard, cut Meadows (Merged)

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    Originally posted by antipas View Post
    So.....what? Should we get some guy in the draft, or look to free agency?
    If we go the draft route, we will be right back where we started IMO. We can't always expect Shanahan to be able to always move up in the draft. He's tried before and been unsuccessful.

    How often do you find a starting RT LT in the draft? And considering our average drafting position . . . not often. Not often enough.

    Personally i hope we go the free agency route and get a proven commmidity. The last thing we need to do right now is groom a rookie tackle by "trial by fire" with a your franchise qb just getting his feet wet.


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      Sounds like we have another "House" project to me.

      I like it.


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        Originally posted by silkamilkamonic View Post
        Mustard converted to T. Basically, we have a converted TE playing T for the first time in his career as a backup.

        I don't feel too good about our oline right now in terms of depth.

        I don't either!

        And how bad does Meadows have to be to get replaced by another converted TE?

        This is actually typical Shanahan, though! He needs an offensive tackle....Now, instead of going and getting one, he's going to make one! You do that with practice squad players, not guys that are one play from starting.

        And now all the Captain Obvious' will chime in with the "Matt Lepsis used to be a TE too".....:thumb:...

        They tried to convert Musturd before, what makes them think it'll work this time?

        At least he's small enough.....
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