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Why NOT spike it? (Merged)

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    Originally posted by Broncette in GA View Post
    I read today that they COULDN'T spike the ball because both the offense and ST (from coaches yelling TORO) were on the field and we would have gotten a penalty for 22 men on the field.
    If that were true we would have gotten a penalty no matter what


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      Originally posted by Hallam Bronco View Post
      I know it does happen a lot, but this time we actually had 2 timeouts left at the start of the final drive, but then we used them both quickly (one when walker was down and i can't remember the other one)
      We burned the last TO on the final drive when Cutler tried a run. Bills had stopped Henry on a run the play before.
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        Originally posted by Nick Budris View Post
        Yeah I had to rewind it about 10 times.

        So if you think about it. If they were going for better field position on a 2nd down. If they went up there to spike the ball... the time most likly would have ran out.
        Yea, even if they all had tried to get to the LOS, and spike the ball, they would have been lucky to wind up with a couple seconds.
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