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TheBuffaloNews:When Denver Needed Something, Cutler Did It

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    Originally posted by cutlerfan View Post
    As most of you did - I am sure, I jumped and screamed when Jason made the FG!!

    Godspeed Denver
    Yeah, I don't think a Bronco fan either listening on the radio, or watching on tv couldn't help but to screem, jump around and act the fool when that last extraordinary play went down!!
    Haze gray and underway!


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      My wife had left the room prior to the 2 minute warning, and both my children were sleeping . . . then it happened.

      "He caught it, first down, now spike it . . . Spike the ball, SPIKE IT, TIME's GONE, STOP THE CLOCK . . . SPIKE THE **** BALL!!!! . . . .We're not gonna make it . . .five, four, three . . . what the . . . YYYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!"

      Needless to say, my children didn't stay asleep very long, and I got put on baby sitting duty the rest of the night . . . but it was well worth it.

      4th quarter comebacks . . . although I'd prefer easier wins, we NEED a few of these games for it to be the real Broncos. Well done, and let's keep it going!!

      Cutler could be the next Elway, but not because he does everything the same, simply because he's a leader, and does what has to be done to pull it out.