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    Originally posted by Ghostdawg View Post
    We were so lucky to win that game. Our Special Teams always stink, they have stunk for the last 20 years. Elam is gonna miss a FG here and there so we need to make sure that his Miss does not matter. I gave them a B- for the game overall. Our playcalling needs to go back to where teams adjust to us, not us adjusting to there "D".. I was dissappointed in the game, but im glad we won and hope we pound Oakland!
    The ST was horrible, and has always been bad... the POINT is... that 'normally' (despite how bad any special teams are) teams don't give up a ST TD. Elam doesn't normally miss 2 FGs. That forced us to go for a 2 point conversion. Was there things we need to work on... absolutely there was. The point is, the game wasn't nearly as close as you are making it to sound. The offense most DEFINITELY wasn't as poor as you are trying to make it appear.

    The coaches were conservative with Cutler early on in the game.. but as the game progressed, that put the ball into his hands. I don't know where you are feeling thing 'playcalling' was so bad. Calling the option-pitch, the QB draws, the reverses... the naked bootlegs.. is WHAT this offense is about. Keeping the defenses on their heals, watching for the misdirection. That helps out the running game, and helps out the playaction.

    If our special teams wasn't horendous, they barely would have crossed the midfield point. Considering we MORE than doubled their offensive output, I don't see how you think they didn't have a hard time adjusting to us.

    BUT... we are NO WHERE NEAR good enough to compete with the better teams in the AFC.... not close in my opinion.