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Will Cutler be able to fill Elway's shoes?

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  • Will Cutler be able to fill Elway's shoes?

    I think Cutler is good, but will he ever be able to fill Elway's shoes? Elway started out bad in his career, but he was a legend and a leader. Waht do you think?

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    NO, he will never be able to. if all the Broncos fans think like that, comparing Cutler to elway jay will have a very short stay in Denver. On the other hand Jay has showed He can do Elway like things. Last minuet comebacks and of course his arm. but he will never be Elway. and no one ever will


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      Every player is their own person....Elway is Elway and Cutler is Cutler. Unless we get into cloning, is time to move on and let the player come into their own.

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        Originally posted by bearbroncoilly View Post
        Every player is their own person....Elway is Elway and Cutler is Cutler. Unless we get into cloning, is time to move on and let the player come into their own.
        i dont think its so much wanting him to be like Elway, but what he does reminds us a lot of John (escaping the rush, taking comand late in games)

        i personally dont want another john ever, but i will sure as hell take the first Jay Cutler

        Cutler will make his own footprints and create a name for himself, by the end of his career i elieve he will be great and have SBs under his belt

        it like the montana and young situation,Montana is Montana, and Young is Young after he proved himself before then he was living up to Montanas expectations


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          Even if it turned out that Cutler goes on and has a HoF career, he's not filling anyone's shoes. No matter HOW many SBs Cutler wins..... Elway will ALWAYs be the one that brought the FIRST trophy to Denver. Cutler could end up to be an INCREDIBLE QB... one that is mentioned to be amongst the greatest in NFL History.... but would that take Elway out of the discussion? No.

          I think its time we let him build his own legacy, and not try to cover up or replace another.


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            Cutler VS Elway

            From the start Elway had to grow and that is what we need to let Cutler do. Thanks Mike for not looking at him like another Elway, the house that Elway built is closed but many many great memories, so goes the way of the future. Will there ever be another "Drive" or "Fumble"? That is what makes us love our team, the possiblity of .......


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              Cutler cannot be Elway!! Elway came into Denver a Punk, he left a man and a legend of his own. We will always love John and what he then and now stands for! Cutler, hopefully fill his own shoes and becomes his own person and helps us to a championship!! He needs encouragement. But I will tell you one thing!!! He PLAYS FOOTBALL!! I saw him do things I never saw Elway do, or I missed it if he did! Make your dreams come true and make your own legend in Denver Jay!! All Bronco fans will be behind you! I wonder if the team reads these things!?


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                When I hear/read can this guy be "The Next Elway" or any of the lenendary HOF QB I just laugh.Here is why look at the teams that have won x2 Super Bowls and im sure somewhere it was writing can "Danny White become the Next Roger Staubach" and the answer was no then along came Troy Aikman. All three are very Famous QB's in the NFL and have writing their own pages in the books of NFL history and in the minds of the fans who watch the game.Is Ben Roethlishberger the next Terry Bradshaw no.Was Steve Young the next Joe Montana no.Brain Griese,Jake Plummer,Jay Cutler all good/great QB's however you may see it.Could they fill Elways shoes no.Instead they would write their own page in the record books.One thing you can count on is that Denver Bronco fans will root root root for Jay Cutler better then anyone can and just maybe 10yrs from now we mite be going over this again saying can he fill Jay Cutler shoes.
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                  does he really need to fill elways shoes??

                  i would much rather he wear his own...

                  he will be great...

                  without any shadow...




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                    i dont think so because elways feet are bigger i think

                    as long as cutler can fill his own shoes that will be something special to see. im not looking for him to fill anyone elses shoes but his own.

                    and btw johns cheets are what 8-9 years old who would want to put them things on anyway.

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                      Personally... I'm more excited to see the kind of shoes Cutler makes for the NEXT QB to try and fill.

                      I know people want to compare this Denver QB to past Denver QBs.. but I just want to compare him to the best in the league. If Cutler can be considered one of the best in the league, and do that for years..... than he's a success and we'll ALWAYS be competitive.

                      I'm excited to see the kind of shoes he makes for himself.


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                        Cutler might be able to fill Elway's shoes. How close are their shoe sizes?


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                          As long as Cutler wins games. I don't think it should ever be a point of Cutler filling Elway's shoes. Elway is a legend in Denver! I think Cutler will make his own legondary play's. We just need to give him more time.
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                            good to see denver isn't a threat to san diego yet again this year....just not enough talent yet


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                              Cutler need not fill anybody's shoes

                              [B]John Elway is John Elway;

                              [B]Jay Cutler is Jay Cutler

                              I see Cutler developing over time into one of the greats. I believe it is time to let John Elway go. That is, to stop the comparisons; Jay Cutler is his own man. He doesn't need to fill any shoes but his own.

                              I was a huge Elway fan, but he has retired; time to get past him, and start to embrace the Cutler Era.
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